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12th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

In regards to the StelluR situation.

With the release of StelluR from the Halo team, it was brought to my attention to read an article that was posted by him. I am going to start out by saying that there's 3 sides to every story. Each individual party's side of the story and the actual truth.
Let's talk about the "salary" situation. When we got into Halo, we payed and still do pay the players of the original E6 Halo team 2500 dollars a month. They were offered a guaranteed league spot and skins but they still chose us. When the team went through changes, Cratos decided to pick up Suspector and StelluR. We had never had a discussion with either of the two new players regarding salaries. Nor did we discuss it with the existing players. We felt as an organization that the two new players would have to prove themselves to the existing players that stuck with us. Then, we would raise their salaries. Regardless, their current 1500 dollars a month to start plus their potential 400 dollars in bonus's make them among the highest paid pros in the HCS Pro league. StelluR in response to how he felt about not being paid the same as Cratos and Bubu was that "We are better than they are, we deserve more". After the whole conversation of him repeatedly insulting us and his teammates to the point where Bubu, Cratos, and our coach Showtime told him enough is enough, even though Bubu selflessly offered him a part of his salary to make StelluR happy. It's not a salary issue its a respect issue. Even after all this we still said we will let you think about it and talk tomorrow.

We purchased Stellur's contract from Liquid for $1750 " Since you have bought him out the player and his contract is now up for you to control and you may move forward with an official announcement at your convenience." Compared to liquids contract he earns more salary with our organization.

Now, let's talk about the alleged threat accusations. The kid signed a letter of intent with his address on it. We have his information already. So why the hell would we need to "find out who all our family members are". For what reason, to play for our team? To take the higher salary he was being offered? That's not how we are as people and it's insulting for someone to blatantly lie and make us seem like someone we are not. We won't lower ourselves over a disagreement.

We can only guess his post stems from his frustration at failing to get another one of the players to hold out thinking it would somehow force us pay him $3000 a month. What he fails to understand is that he is not harming us as a organization because we don't monetize eSports. The only person he's hurting is himself.

Throughout eSports as an whole we have never scumbagged, ripped off, or done any harm to any players. I challenge anyone out there to say how we mistreated them that's been apart of this organization.

I just wrote this so I apologize for any grammatical errors as this needed to be put out as quickly as possible.

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