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11th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

First Thoughts About Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Alright, why not... I'll give Jojo's Bizarre Adventure a chance, prior to watching it though I wish to give my thoughts.

The people of who I associate Jojo with are the kind of people I usually don't associate MYSELF with, the people who I think of when I think of Jojo are normally people who hate everything and choose to be a contrarian for the sake of being contrary, the kinds of people who jerk it to leafy and tell one another to drink bleach... In other words Jojo to me, seems to attract the lowest common denominator scum of the earth, the kinds of people who are harder to talk to than a brick wall and who seem to get worse the more the show goes on.

Is this conspiracy? Probably yeah, could just be a coincidence, but take into mind, this is the impression I get of it prior to even watching the thing.

So... allow me to turn on the first episode and see where it leads


(about 8 minutes in)
Well, while watching it I seem to hate every character Jo- no... he's an awful character who basically focuses on himself and is pretty much your common spoiled rich kid archetype... well... I like Di... actually no, he's an awful character too... pretty much your generic villain who wants to get rich for the sake of power.

God these characters are excessively bland archetypes...

Say what you will about Moe anime, most of the time it's pretty self-aware it's characters are bland archetypes and makes up for it with humor and silliness, Jojo here is playing into it's boring caricatures and is trying way too hard to do something different with them... hate to break it to them... it's not working.

(about 12 minutes in)
...I don't actually find myself caring anymore to watch the rest of this, I mean... I will, but geez, the more this goes on, the more I find that this show is out to make the most bland characters, and to be honest, the story doesn't seem to be building up to anything either, Jojo was a spoiled brat, Dio came in, became that "popular kid" pretty instantly, and became the center of attention while Jojo is left in the dust, I guess this could be fine if the world wasn't entirely getting turned against someone who was already public enemy #1.

(about 17 minutes in)
welp... I now understand why everyone who's a fan of this show is an awful person who wants to make others lives miserable. It's because they see such a generic character like Dio do it and get popular, unfortunately for them, that only really works in a show with poor writing and generically awful characters.

...of course I'm joking, calm down.

(after the show)

Alright, first thoughts on Jojo? It's honestly... pretty shit... I mean, yeah, I guess it's memability is fine, that's practically the only thing I see working in this shows favor.

Don't get me wrong, the premise I suppose COULD have worked, if, you know, both Dio and Jojo weren't unlikable turds. Seriously, story writing 101, there needs to be SOMEONE I can root for, there needs to be SOME character I can enjoy, but when you have shown Jojo as a spoiled brat, and Dio as... the worst, there's nothing for me to really care about.

For a show called Jojo's Bizarre adventure, it's pretty fucking bland.

...and now I await the inevitable salt.

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