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9th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

Full statement of our team

Let us start off by saying the past few weeks have been stressful for our team and we're extremely relieved it is finally over. We'd like to thank all the other teams and people that helped us throughout that supported us through this ordeal, as well as the fans of both our team and smite e-sports as a whole who supported us regardless. We're glad Hi-Rez was able to support us with their decision, and would like to express our gratitude for their work in this situation.

I imagine most of you by now are aware that we are no longer part of Paradigm. After a dispute with our manager, Lydia Picknell, we believed it best to part ways. We do however wish to elaborate on what has already been said and give a different perspective. We believe that the narrative that Paradigm has so far created is grossly skewed in their favor, so we wish to shed some light on this situation. We will show parts of our chat logs with our past manager in an attempt to disprove some of the claims made against us. To give context to these logs, Lydia had said to us that Paradigm would be getting taxed a surprisingly large amount. We as a team were surprised that this was suddenly being sprung on us at the time as we had not heard of this before. While we understood that Paradigm as a company would incur costs, we did not expect it to be such an abnormally large amount. Our natural response was to ask for the books, to understand where the taxes were coming from to get clarification of where our money would be going, which ended up being denied by Lydia.


The following chat logs show our captain Emil attempting to mediate a solution together with Lydia. They are all in chronological order with no messages missing in between.


Paradigm wished for us to sign a contract we believed unsignable and we ended up having to deny their request.The contract in question involved a 1 dollar salary, 25% cut of our winnings, as well as 100% of the skin money going to Paradigm.


We felt it important to defend ourselves in this situation, and show a small part of what had transpired. At this moment Paradigm will still own all of the money gained from the skin sales. However we are just happy about keeping our spot, as it is most important to us.

We are currently exploring sponsorship options which do include Orbit. We have not yet made a final decision on this matter as it has been made out to be. We are aware of Orbits past with Hirez and have had discussions with the CEO. We will be taking everything into account. For now we will be named Bipolar Method(BM) for the days of the future past! Feel free to ask us questions and we will try our best to answer them.

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