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9th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

Assange: Prosecutor attempting to influence imminent Court of Appeal ruling

Statement by Julian Assange on Wedensday's press conference by Swedish prosecutor
Marianne Ny. 9 Sept 2016

"The prosecutor's press conference Wednesday strongly appears to be an
attempt to influence the Court of Appeal which is due to make a decision
today. The prosecutor stated in the press conference that she had no news to
give and gave no reason for calling the press conference while the Court
was still deliberating instead of waiting until next week. Instead,
prosecutor Ny spent her time making false and misleading statements about
her conduct -- as several members of the press who were in attendance
pointed out. With two prosecutors, two translators, the Swedish prosecution
authority spokeswoman and several other staff the press conference must
have cost the Swedish state near 100k SEK in opportunity costs and
expenses. Prosecutor Ny's obsession with publicity and prestige has compromised her
ability to conduct a fair, impartial and professional investigation.

I am innocent. I have not been charged. I have already been previously
cleared by the Chief Prosecutor of Stockholm Eva Finne on exactly the same
allegation. The alleged complainant states in court records that she was
placed under duress by police and did not make a complaint. Prosecutor Ny
should not even be mentioning my name. Every press conference or press
release she gives, which now total more than 40, is an additional abuse of
my presumption of innocence. No other subject of a preliminary
investigation is treated in this manner. The UN has already found her to be
acting unlawfully as has the Swedish Court of Appeal.

I have instructed my lawyers to make a formal complaint to Prosecutor
General Anders Perklev over the conduct."


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