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9th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

OK I PROMISED @senaoi_ re: the whole zen v. jumin debacle

so just wanna preface this by saying IT WAS REALLY REALLY CLOSE OKAY I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH (and i have a feeling 707 defender of justice is gonna join them soon too). essentially i look for and get two different things from these two characters; which is why the secret answer to this question is OT3 OT3 OT3.

anyway whenever i think about zen it's super fluffy sweet and romantic and butterflies in stomach good feelings. he's such a positive and motivational force, so gungho about his passions and life and always willing to cheer you up and support you. i feel like i can be super comfortable around him and just do silly things and enjoy whatever whenever. it's like a bakappuru feeling LOL.

but whenever i think about jumin it's just /passion/ LMAO. he's really really really intense ;;; and HE NAILS TOO MANY OF MY SELF-INDULGENT BIASES. suits, damn good voice, reciprocal voice kink (lolol), and dominant as hell. also i'm not saying i'm a gold digger but... he rich. he damn rich. and while money may not buy happiness money can certainly buy comfort and time to pursue your passions. he sounds like a great person to have intellectual debates with (EFFICIENCY AND LOGIC) and though sometimes his grooming tendencies rankle me, it's great that he's so into trying new things (exploratory ;) if ya know what i mean) and improving oneself. the things he suggests to you are things that he thinks will be good for you, or interesting for you, or an expression of his love in one of the only forms he's learned how to show it (aka. showering loved one with gifts upon gifts upon gifts).

i think the choices to get hearts for these two guys kind of shows what kind of person they are too and the person you become/are to support them. aka: with zen it's supportive and positive about things (with leeway to be hella flirty and silly and cute; suri's dreaded aegyo LOL), with jumin it's supportive in an understanding way but also firm (made me feel like i had to put on a bit of a more adult-ish and lady-like air LOL; not exactly true since there's still leeway to tease and be joking).

OF COURSE the characters aren't so easily closed in these boxes tho and zen has those aspects too that i've pointed out about jumin; zen can be really passionate and possessive (i love his caring and empathy to people??). meanwhile jumin has times when he's a great troll, he jokes around too (even if his humor requires an effort to understand LOL), and he can get sappy too cause he's so willing to please you and learn from you emotionally.

TL;DR I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH. but i dunno hmm it still feels a bit like zen is the ideal boyfriend/relationship (his struggles are relatable) but jumin is the ideal situation?? LOL essentially jumin just hits all of my self-indulgent kinks, oops.

(zen is kind of the person i aspire to be? a role model? one who resonates more with the me who wants to continue growing and improving. he's a character who is so consumed and driven towards a passion and went from being conflicted and uncertain over his looks (by extension is self-worth) to someone full of self-love and confidence. TOO PURE. LIKE THE SUN. NO WONDER HIS COLOR SCHEME IS WHITE).

ya wanna surround yourself with people like zen.

not sure if you want to surround yourself with ppl like jumin LOL although he's a handy person to have at your back. but that unshaken understanding of who he is and bluntness kinda rubs people wrong (people's first reactions to jumin kind of shows this). anyway losing my train of thought slowly because i'm getting sleepy and incoherent, but if zen is all about being good to be good then jumin is about living life selfishly in an unobstructive way. i like that jumin's route shows you the ugly sides of him and ya know i feel like i can be just as equally problematic w/ his possessiveness and indifference to others except the people you choose. (TOTALLY DON'T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THIS BECAUSE I WAS EDITING THINGS AROUND but is jumin's color scheme so dark because he has all these sides that are hidden till you get close? all shadow-y and dark side of the moon blah blah insert romantic sentimental line here).

uGH anyway i'm going around in circles but ultimately both are great. both are awesome. both are passionate and devoted. but there's that hint of obsession and focus jumin has which is just YAAAAAS. combine that with SEDUCE ME WITH YOUR WORDSMITH SKILLS AND VOICE AND CLEVERNESS and yeah. ultimately jumin just wins just by hitting dem kinks. sorry zen you hit the ideals but you didn't hit the "drive ili wild" buttons LMAO.

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