Update for me and my future!

So I've been "gone" from the scene for quite some time since getting benched from NRG. We were held contracted for a very long time and couldn't really do much about it and I couldn't even play on a random premier team since they have a rule if you're contracted you can't even stand-in.

Obviously I slumped pretty hard towards the end of NRG which I feel had reasonable reasons on why that happened. Mostly because right before I moved to Vegas I started getting like some kinda injuries on both my arms which I ended up not being able to DM longer than 10minutes if not I had pain and I also had to play with pillows under my arms. Also clearly my biggest problem was firepower, so it sucked I couldn't focus more on that. But towards the end of NRG I tried constantly going to get massages with gobb and it was helping my situation a bit. But by then the team overall slumped and they decided to make a change and I can't totally blame them.(p.s tabseN is a god)

Now my future.. We decided to build a team since Dew league announced that you can qualify for a free premier/mountain dew league spot and we qualified which kept the dream alive. The roster will mostly consist of Muffin Lightning players which some may have heard of. The 5 will be me, sancz, akis, arkimonday and ichibaNNN. With that being said we'll be looking for sponsors so if you're interested hit me up :D

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