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8th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

my thoughts on that Jumin and V scene on day 10. not sure where i'm going with this i just wanted to get rid of these feelings in me lol. GODDAMN MM MAKING ME TALK FOR HOURS ABOUT THESE BOYS.

anyway so i think i feel so sentimental (80% thanks to the piano track) because it's a culmination of the development Jumin has gone through in his route and, most importantly, a meeting of his past and present (opening to the future) and the passing of the torch.

Jumin is characterized by loneliness and Rika and V were the ones to free him from that; being his two closest friends and the only ones he felt were able to see him truly (more so Rika than V). i was a bit surprised to find out that essentially Elly = Rika to Jumin but mostly touched at this remembrance of his dead friend.

and despite how hella shady Rika was/is (COME ON SHE IS SO DAMN SHADY. i have a feeling she's probably not dead either but what do i know) she made Jumin's life less painful for him in his past so this remembrance thing gets to me. you only catch a glimpse of how tight knit their bonds must have been from those flashbacks of his past and just the nostalgia and the way V interacts with him in this scene.

but yeah it's touching to see how close they were and i dunno?? i just get really happy when i think about Jumin having had these people to support him in the past.

anyway, going on THIS DAMN SCENE THEN DESTROYS ME when they use the whole discussion of where Elly should go to subtly talk about Rika's memory (at least that's how i was reading this scene) and Jumin feeling like V should have her because of V's relationship with Rika, and Jumin feeling like he doesn't deserve or is qualified because of the feelings he harbored, this transference, and probably how he realizes how problematic he was.

BUT you and V get to convince him to consider other people's feelings, respect their choice, and forgive himself and give himself a second chance (which the whole route goes through too). and this is crucial because Jumin takes Elly back (not sure if it always ends up like this or if you can actually get V to take her o_o) and it felt like, at this point, Jumin is released from the spirit of Rika (also thanks to you which, fair enough, is a little problematic since he's just transferring his attention onto you LOLOL). but anyway, he is now able to view Elly as a dear companion and a being/cat of her own and not some symbol of Rika imo.

T_T I DON'T KNOW WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS ANYMORE. i guess at that moment when i was reading i just wanted to thank V and, in extension, Rika for being there for Jumin in the past so that you get ot meet him at this time. and i wanna be like "DON'T WORRY V. I'LL SUPPORT JUMIN NOW (or well ideally we'd support each other etc etc practice a healthy relationship and all that).

and so yeah past meets present and V essentially gives his blessing and is happy for Jumin and it just FEELS LIKE IT ALL COMES FULL CIRCLE. IT'S SO TOUCHING.

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