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6th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

A Clarification From Paschy90


With inaccurate misinformation running wild on social media, I felt the need to post this. So let's start at the end of the last RLCS shall we?
When our team under performed, we were all emotional at the end of the first RLCS. Emotions were high and overall, Turbopolsa decided to leave first. Then, as the inevitable eSports shuffle started to happen, I found myself analyzing my previous teams. I felt like none of the play styles just felt right. And that is a hard thing to quantify. So, I started looking. I have known Sikii for a while and we both agreed to start searching out other teams.I then found a great connection with Violent Panda and Deevo. This team combination I had been eyeballing since the day after LAN. The fit was good. Then several people went on vacation, during that time the NG F3 Shuffle happened, I thought I would try out NG. I was eager and excited, maybe a bit too much so. I jumped the shark by immediately changing my logos and bio. Which in hindsight was done in haste and could have been thought through more. Once I started playing with NG, it became apparent quickly, that this was not a good fit. We all three decided that I should look for another team, and if I could not find one, we would try to make the NG roster work. I then realized that I had inadvertently upset deevo and panda as they picked up Sikii. During this entire process, I was trying to work out a deal with several pro teams to see which sponsorship would work well. Mockit, C&J just to name a few. (Contract negotiation has proved to take several weeks) Mockit initially denied my first offer, and then I went back to thinking about what team I should form. I tried Kaydop and Skyline out, however that did not feel as good of a fit as deevo and panda. A large organization approached me three days ago. They asked dune general questions. I sent them replay files of me and deevo panda combination. I also sent them replay files of me kaydop and Skyline along with many other team combos. They preferred Deevo and panda because of the play style and the vibe of the team. We all three agreed that we felt like this was a good fit. (this was a very large organization) Then I had a counter offer from Mockit last night from my original offer I gave them a month or so ago (who was unaware of the insane amount of roster shuffling going on) Let me reiterate, no sponsors were involved in any part of this craziness until we had the org (who I can't name) offer me panda and deevo a deal.
I decided to go with Mockit for a few reasons. Yes I had more offers, and even a few that were marginally better than Mockit. However, the team at Mockit IMHO have really taken care of their pros. At LAN Luckey went out of his way to really make sure we were taken care of. So overall, it was the fact that I have history with Mockit and I like their management style.
Looking back at my decisions, here is what I'll say. I truly regret burning Kaydop, Skyline and especially Sikii. He was a close friend, and I'm afraid I've lost him as a friend. That's something I will have to try to get back, but I do not blame him for being angry. However, I truly feel in my core I play better with Panda and Deevo. None of that is personal.
I want to also say that this has been a very large stress on me. I have learned from my mistakes and will work to correct them. My team and I will also strive to stay with each other for foreseeable future as we now know roster shuffles in general across ALL esports only serve as a waste time and huge cause of contention.

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