The Forum for European Philosophy Women in Science Event

Forthcoming events at the Forum

Patricia Fara/ Melissa Hines/ Cailin O’Connor
Women in Science: Past, Present, and Future Challenges

Beatrix Campbell/ Peter Hallward/ Edward Kanterian
The Worst Form of Government?

John Crace/ Catarina Dutilh Novaes/ William Outhwaite/ Jo Phillips
Reason and Rhetoric: The Ethics of Public Discussion

Larissa Conradt/ Elli Leadbeater/ Christian List
Hive Minds: Collective Intelligence in Humans and Other Animals

Havi Carel/ Tasia Scrutton/ Tom Stern
Can We Learn from Suffering?

Katherine Angel/ Kate Devlin/ Rebecca Reilly-Cooper
Future Sex: Technology, Desire, and the New Rules of Engagement

Julian Baggini/ Jesper Kallestrup/ Chris Norris/ Sarah Sawyer
Brain in a Vat and Other Stories: A Celebration of Hilary Putnam

Andrew Bowie/ Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca/ Andy Hamilton
Improv Your Mind: Philosophy, Music, and Making Things Up

John Cottingham/ Beverley Clack/ Tim Mulgan
Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

Fred Botting/ Steven Shakespeare/ Sarah Wood

Details of our events can be found here

The Forum for European Philosophy is a non-profit philosophy organization devoted to thinking in public. We host a full and varied programme of events, showcasing the work of leading academic philosophers from all philosophical traditions, often in conversation with academics from other disciplines. Our events take various forms, but we studiously avoid academic papers. Our events are always open to everyone, and most are free to attend and do not require registration. Along with our events, our website hosts a rich archive of podcasts and writing from a wide variety of philosophers.

You can support the work of the Forum through our JustGiving page
The Forum for European Philosophy is a registered charity (reg. no. 1070105)

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