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5th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

What happened and whats to come

people hate reading huge pargraphs of peoples lives so i will just make it fast

- i wanted to reroll to ad after we lost in CW
- i stayed as mid to play with pinoy another split because i respect him alot
- think i performed super well in playoffs and was top 3 mid outside of lcs alongside selfie and cozq at the time
- i gambled thinking maybe id regret if i didnt try it
- unfortunately due to some circumstances i couldnt really go long competitively as AD, i left the baskonia house and they wanted a player who would stay in the house, i couldnt do that, for people wondering whats wrong, my mother is in hospital after a heart attack and is currently still there recovering
- maybe im slacking a bit now as mid but will be playing 15hrs a day mid only for the next 3 months and will come back into next CS split aiming for lcs
- i will also be name changing upon start of next split, think ive been giga toxic these last few months and will name change + attitude change because i think flaming / having enemies now is a bit of a waste of time / effort
- i respect all players from now on and will perform insane next split hopefully
new year new me bois

thanks for reading

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