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5th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

My Side (For anyone who cares)

A player from Last Remedy pm'd me at about 7-8PM asking if I wanted to potentially play with them, I gave a maybe response and wasn't sure what to do, I felt loyal to XL as I enjoyed playing with them and certain players had progressed a lot and our chances were looking good. The tipping point in my decision to go after being asked was that without Samma I didn't think our chances were AS good. He was our star player IMO - I'm not saying that with Samma present I would've 100% said no but it definitely made my decision a bit easier. The consensus is that it's a wrong move to leave as it screws over XL which is a completely fair and valid point. I can counter it only by pointing out that loyalty is not rewarded at all and being selfish is sometimes the best way to go. Probably lost a good few friends from this move but hopefully everyone involved can understand that there are two sides and nothing I've done has been with malicious intent nor is it personal to anyone. I loved playing on XL and really enjoyed seeing us work well together/grow together. If anyone would like any clarification please feel free to DM/PM me. I'm very sad that people have believed the things they've heard over my word, too. The Last Remedy statement about me approaching them was a misunderstanding between the manager/owner.

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