An apology to the UK scene

Hello everyone, Grant here from last remedy; CEO and one of the co-owners.

I want to talk to you all a little bit about what's been happening recently with regards to our roster changes and players we have picked up leading to a lot of unhappiness being aimed at us, and understandably so for how we have tackled this scene as a new team.

Myself and Louis (the other owner) came into this split wanting a top 4 finish. We new with a team we had picked up it would be close...but doable. The idea of winning the split lingered at the back of our minds but seemed super unlikely. Following qualification however, i took it upon myself to deliver us the chance of winning it, due to my personal time due to become more limited, and hence wanting to establish the brand ASAP via winning the scene.

Aside from Wendelbo who had to drop his loan agreement following Team Huma's situation, it was us that asked all current roster players to step away as we looked to form this new squad. None of the players left on sour notes as i made a point of keeping all the current roster fully in the loop weeks beforehand that this may happen, and where possible, have tried to help them find other teams.

Regarding picking up Choke's botlane; this was us being purely being opportunistic. At this point we already had Broxah and Zoiren, our two import challenger players. Whilst we knew choke were looking to form a new squad around Toaster....I personally put the idea to them of him joining us, unbeknownst to our staff/Louis as honestly i did not expect him to be interested. In fact the opposite happened and he was very keen. I do not agree with my behaviour in this situation as i had not updated Choke of our speaking to them. For that, i am sorry.

Regarding Nutri being picked up. This was a sudden chance an hour before roster lockin tonight. Nutri approached us having spoken together with Toaster and made us aware he was not under contract with XL. He was keen on the team having seen the roster, and knowing his ability we were keen on him. Therefore we offered him a player position. XL were not updated on this situation as it was so last minute and rushed through! i have personally apologised to XL management on this situation, and we hold no grudges against one another.

We have been getting branded recently as this 'bull in a china shop' kind of team, doing absolutely everything we can to win, no matter the cost or damage to the UK scene we may cause. I want to say that this was absolutely not my intention. With the way the UK scene has been branded recently, i had in my mind an idea of forming a team which would become known for it's impressive management skills and happiness of the players....having seen so much of the opposite myself. Yet a sit here a month later thinking that i have failed the scene in that sense. I do not regret in the roster we have managed to pickup........but what i do regret is how we've announced ourselves into the scene. We have disregarded other teams, we have disregarded other management. I know that this must be improved upon and i take it upon myself to improve the team's relationship with the UK scene. I personally have approached the scene wrongly, and i know now that i must fix it.

I hope you all give myself and Last Remedy Gaming the chance to show you that we want to improve the UK scene, not damage it. I am sorry for how we may have come across so far and i hope that you will give us a second chance in judging me as a co-owner and as a team.

Grant (@LR5_Greivance)

(all views expressed are of mine only, not the organisation staff/players)

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