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5th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

The mess that is exceL.LoL

So, around 48 hours ago, we had a roster that was the same as the one that came 3rd at i series, everyone was aware of what we had to achieve in ESL and seemed to be very intent on making it happen.

Friday Night/Saturday morning: Our top laner, Sámma, informed us that he wouldn't be able to play in the indefinite future as he has school committments. Obviously, we can't make him play for us and would never want him to put this over his education, so we agreed to let him move to a Substitute position and find a starting replacement for ESL. We had trialists lined up, scrims booked and everything was moving fairly smoothly, up untill around 10pm tonight.

I was informed that Billy had been given an offer by Last Remedy, he told me he was seriously considering it and as he is the only player on our team not contracted, I can't realistically do anything to stop him leaving. No matter how salty I might be that my team has just essentially disintegrated overnight :))))))).

So, around 30 minutes ago the situation stood that after the ESL roster lock at 12pm today, we would be facing pV on Wednesday without a Support or Top. ESL, to my knowledge knew nothing of our roster troubles other than we might need a sub top laner, which they agreed too. However, somehow, the UK eSports gods cast a shining light down on us and we were reseeded and reshuffled into Group B, meaning our first game would be in a couple of weeks.

Upon writing this, apparently the rosters have been locked so I don't know what's going on.

In conclusion, oh crap, my team fell off.

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