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1st Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

I have decided to take a temporary break from Dota. I already thought of doing this last year and decided to go through with it after TI6. I feel like its rather necessarry for me to do. From too much stress of the frequent travels to just not enjoying the game as I used to. I hope the break will clear up some things for me, motivate me and hopefully allow me to be a better player when i do come back. Right now i do not have a certain idea how long it will last. I just want to wait til I feel i really want to play and win again.

Of course my decision comes with a certain risk. I feel very sad that it leads to me leaving my teammates in Liquid even though I really enjoy playing with them and im very appreciative of the chances I have gotten in that team.
Moreover, im not sure how things are going to be when I decide to engage in competitive play again - Will I be able to find a team that I enjoy playing with, a team that becomes sucessful? But sometimes such risks have to be taken.

I also just want to say thanks for everything all the guys in Liquid have done for me.

My teammates Kuro, Matu, Jerax and MC, it was a pleasure to play with you, thanks for constantly trying to improve and moving this team forward. Thanks for all the good times we had together and fighting through the hard times.
From a random stack who barely knew eachother, from communication issues to nervousity issues playing on a big stage for the first time, I think we can say we have grown a lot.
Thanks for the great leadership Kuro. Thank you for bringing us together, making us a team and not giving up on us when things looked grim.

Also thanks to blitz for helping us in our hard times, sorting our problems out and just being there for us when we needed it.
And of course our manager Mo boss.He put so much work into the team, work that is often not even recognised. Thank you.

Im not entirely sure what I will do in the time of my competitive break. Perhaps I will form a chill team to scrim around a bit. Maybe I will stream some more trying to get them 9k matchmaking points. Or just fully take a break from Dota.

Anyway best of luck the lads in the future season.
Thanks everyone for reading and thanks for the guys that support me :).

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