In response to EU gauntlet scrim situation:

Good evening,

In light of most recent events, I wanted to make sure both sides of the coin have been shown and looked at:

The villain in all of this is that Giants are not scrimming. There are currently 3 (including Splyce) teams in Europe practicing and one team is bound to be scrim-less. Everyone else is on vacation, including challenger teams, IWCQ is done and the teams that have qualified to worlds are taking their well deserved EU-vacation. I have to make sure my team has practice everyday of the week and this is how it happened. This is not personal at all, this is how business is done. My greatest fear was to be in the position that UOL is in now, and it is and was my job to prevent that from happening. I would do the same if it happened again. One out of all three of us was bound to be in UOLs position, they just drew the shortest straw. I gave UOL a one and a half day notice but in the end it would not matter, because they would not have found anyone to scrim against even if I told them 10 weeks ago.

The Unicorns have my sympathy, but not my regret

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