Today, we were supposed to train against Fnatic.
Tomorrow, we were supposed to train against Splyce.
Those 2 training days are crucial before attending the Regional Qualifiers this week-end. Facing high level teams is currently the best way to understand what works or not on the Rift.

Despite a schedule booked in advance, coaches YamatoCanon and NicoThePico told us today they are canceling all scrims in order to train together. It leaves us with no scrim-partner 48h before the tournament.

From an external perspective, it sounds insignificant and childish to be upset.
We are sad because those 2 eminent coaches were not able to hold to their word on the eve of what could be the last competition of 2016.
And we are frustrated because those last-minute cancellations are impacting in a really bad way our preparation.
Not cool guys, really not cool.
Slightly unprofessional, to say the least.

Unicorns, be sure we will give our maximum to be ready for Saturday. And the days after.
Fnatic, Splyce, thank you for giving us an extra motivation to shine on stage.
If karma exists, we just won the lottery.

Back to work!

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