Got kicked from Rival / What im gonna do now

Hey people,

-My departure from the team-

As some if you might already know, I got kicked from team rival. The official reason being "Performance Issues". Why did I put that in quotes? Cause it's utter bullshit.

While my performance during the second half of the split might not have been my best, it was still quite far away from bad or a reason for being kicked. To add to that my performance at LAN has being really good, I was probably one of the best players there.

So what’s the real reason I got kicked?

I don’t fucking know in all honesty. All I know is that they really wanted Watson, since it’s going to destroy Retribution and allow them to get first place without any real competition.
The obvious person to kick for that would have been Gnome. His performance at LAN was pretty bad and cost us the finals; it would have also stopped 2 players on the team from having to switch roles.

I don’t think any of this was necessary, we would have taken first place in EU regardless and made it to worlds, we could have continued to work together

I am extremely disappointed by the teams decision, I expected more of you.
I expected you to honestly talk to me and tell me what’s going on; instead you lie to me and throw me out.

-Regarding the sponsor Team Rival-

You guys have been absolutely amazing.
The best sponsor one could wish for.
Big thanks to @Ravage90, @TheTDubbaya, @CharleneDitner and @MayZiX
If I ever get to do anything in eSports again I would love to do it with you.

-What am I gonna do now?-

Since all the EU SCL Teams are set for this split you won’t be seeing me on the screen for the next 2 months.
I'm probably going to stick with Smite and will continue to look for the right team.
Any EU Xbox and PC players feel free to hit me up you need another player for you team, want to make a new one or know anyone that does.
Lately I have been enjoying Overwatch a lot so if anyone wants to play that competitively then hit me up.


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