Paderborn History of Women Philosophers and Scientists events

ɪ. Autumn School

October 10th-14th, 2016

Paderborn University, Germany

This autumn the research area History of Women Philosophers and
Scientists (HWPS) organizes two seminars in the History of Women of
Women Philosophers: History of Women Philosophers in Antiquity, and
Émilie Du Châtelet on Space and Time.

[A1] History of Women Philosophers in Antiquity

When we think of antiquity names like Socrates, Plato and Aristoteles
come to mind. The names of the female philosophers had been forgotten
for a long time, which doesn't mean that there haven't been any:
Themistoclea, Theano, Arignote, Aspasia and Diotima; just to name a few.

With her book series A History of Women Philosophers Prof. Dr. Mary
Ellen Waithe introduced 20th century philosophers to the teachings and
writings of female philosophers, thereby integrating along lines of
gender what was previously believed to have been the history of
philosophy. This seminar focuses on the content of her first book in
this series, the ancient women philosophers, and expands the scope of
that work by introducing another woman philosopher of that era. In
addition, Dr. Waithe will share research methodology through which
students may themselves discover previously-unknown women philosophers.

This seminar is an opportunity to work with Dr. Waithe to take a closer
look at these early philosophers and their teachings, to assess
scholarship that was based on Dr. Waithe's history, and, perhaps, to
rediscover a "new" woman philosopher from antiquity. For the purposes
of this seminar, the term "philosophy" is used as it was in antiquity,
and therefor includes mathematical, scientific and religious abstract

The seminar is held in English language.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mary Ellen Waithe (Cleveland State University, USA)

Location: Paderborn University; room W2.110 and W4.208

Dates: October 10th – October 11th, October 13th – October 14th, 2016,
10:00- 13:00 & 14:30-17:30

[A1] Émilie Du Châtelet on Space and Time

The dispute between Leibniz and Newton on the nature of space and time
is legendary. The famous correspondence between Leibniz, Clarke and
Caroline reflects the methodological and metaphysical differences
between Leibniz and the Newtonians in their approaches to natural
philosophy. Less known, but no less remarkable is Émilie Du Châtelet’s
analysis and discussion of this dispute in her principal work
Foundations of Physics (Institutions de physiques 1740/42). In contrast
to many of her contemporaries Du Châtelet was not willing to follow a
one-sided Newtonianism nor a one-sided Leibnizianism. Therefore, she
designed her own blueprint of the building of physics where especially
the chapters about space and time play an important role for they
operate as a link between the general principles of our knowledge
(including the justification of employing hypotheses) and the subsequent
consideration of matter, bodies, motion and forces. Such consistent and
embracing course was only composed before by Rohault on a Cartesian
basis. The Institutions can be considered as a document of the
refutation of Cartesianism in France which paved simultaneously the way
for further developments. Du Châtelet reconsidered the Leibniz-Clarke
correspondence and presented a reformulated version of the space-time
problem that anticipates, in some sense, the decisive role of space and
time which is known from Immanuel Kant’s later work. Together with the
physicist Dr. Dr. Suisky from Humboldt University Berlin, the texts will
be read and discussed.

The Seminar is held in German (and English) language.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber (Paderborn University, Germany;
Center History of Women Philosophers and Scientists), Dr. Andrea
Reichenberger (Paderborn University, Germany; Center History of Women
Philosophers and Scientists), Dr. Dr. Dieter Suisky (Humboldt
University, Germany)

Location: Paderborn University; room W1.101 and W2.110

Dates: October 10th – October 14th, 2016, 9:00-13:00

Registration is open now. All interested parties are welcome to these
seminars, that includes students from other departments or universities.
A certificate can be acquired. Participation is free of expanses.
Transport and lodgings have to be organized individually by the

Since the attendance figure is limited, please register via Mail due to
October 3rd, 2016 for Émilie Du Châtelet on Space and Time at and for History of Women Philosophers in
Antiquity at


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