Miroslava Berdnik appeals to the world.

My friends,

I have always felt your caring hand of support, stretched out to me from across the globe. 
I bow to you all in my deepest gratitude.

Now the time has come when I need your support more than ever.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 23 August 2016, at 11 o'clock I am going in for questioning by the Main Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine. (CSO SBU).

I will go there of my own free will. I do not rule out that will not come back - I might be detained.

I am ready for this. I will accept any trials with flying colors and without a word of complaint, despite the terrible state of my health. Although, to say honestly, I'm heartbroken by the fact that they are dragging my family into this mess. My husband - interrogated, my 22-year-old daughter bullied.

This is a tactic of intimidation and pressure which is too much familiar to me. I have experienced it at the time when my father, Oles Berdnik, was being prosecuted as a dissident.

I want you all to know:

I have never welcomed the violent overthrow of the government, and has never made such appeals.

I have always expressed my views only in the framework of the constitutional right to say what one thinks. This is called the freedom of speech.

My heart aches for Ukraine and for everything that is happening in the country, I say it as a citizen, a patriot of this country, a deeply religious Orthodox Christian, as a woman and mother.

I have no desire to go into exile from my country, I will not hide. Given a choice between betraying my personal convictions and an imprisonment, I choose the jail - without hesitation.

Even before any trial, I have been already denounced as a person who undermines the foundations of national security. 
But I have nothing to fear, I did not commit any crimes against the national security.

One is left to wonder at a vulnerable state of our national security, if a person like my, a writer, the pacifist and just a weak and sickly woman can undermine its very foundations by exercising the freedom of expression.

I am convinced that SBU by its actions had violated my rights, the law and the norms of morality. By intentionally disclosing the details of pre-trial investigation they endangered my life and the lives of my family. They are to be blamed if anything happens to me.

I want to add the following for the record: I have no suicidal thoughs, I use no drugs or alcohol, I am not diagnosed with any mental disorders , I declare myself to be of sound mind, good memory and full consciousness.

I am going to fight this battle by legal and judicial means only, although I carry no illusions about the state of our judicial system.

Legal aid to me will be provided by  Olena Lukash and her very professional team of lawyers, with I have contracted for the case. For any further inquiries please contact her.

I love my country,  so help me Lord.

PLEASE share this as much as you can. YOU ARE MY ONLY SHIELD against the lawlessness of the government.

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