David Mills: Shame! #edfringe review

Mills has a star quality about him; actor, host and comedian, I'm sure he would be a natural at all three.

He has a familiar yet unique style. It's all about him and so it should be; that's the way the lights are facing anyway.

His laid back, charismatic style is hypnotising. It's a real pleasure to watch as he strolls his way through the show.

We get to know more about David and this certainly helps build the foundations for what then becomes a wonderful emotion-filled story about showbiz, friendship and seeing beyond first impressions.

I feel it's lacking something. It's probably just not funny enough although I can appreciate that it's a nice bit of work. It just needs to get funnier.

That aside it's a real joy of a watch; well written, well structured and flawless delivery.

Comedy Reviewer 7/10
Edfringe 3 Stars ***

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