This is the shit I have to put up with on a daily basis from multiple sources. Skip to his final DM he sent just a few minutes ago if you're in a hurry.

I've probably replied a handful of times over a 6 year period. He's pissed aat me because I don't like Trump


"You need to chill out man. I don't like trump, you do. Its not the end of the world. I dont like clinton either. Fucking calm down."

Since then this is how my DM's have looked, I haven't replied since:

11 August

i am calm. you need to calm down. lol

and no, i do not like trump man

do you remember what i had made? or how many shirts i bought back then to support you? ever wonder why i type so much to you? i am a loner and i really do not trust people. i trust my animals. my dog had to be put to sleep. now i have a crazy cat, hes cool. some of the things you say, have been the things i have said in my life. i feel like you and i had a lot in common. maybe you disagree and thats cool. my life will go on, if you think i am not your friend.

it has been a hard few years for me, my mother passed last June, i do not know if you ever checked out my blog but i stopped "blogging" and left a pic of her and i on it. maybe i will start blogging again. i have not been to your blog in a while. you are a great writer. i know you tweeted something about shadowdx guest writing on your blog, i never thought i would hear that. he seems to have come a long way from troll status..

been thinking about re-pasting my alienware heat sinks, any flavors of linux you like these days? i have been out of the loop for a while.. i really like Ubuntu still.. i keep reading about whonix, not sure if that is solid on support like Ubuntu is..

im still going to be your friend man regardless if you get pissed off aggravated or whatever. thats what friends do. PALS remember?

who is behind the swiftonsecurity please tell me that is you.. last year it was funny but whoever it is has turned the comedy into overdrive lately lol

12 August

you still ignoring me?

you should know that your friends are going to give it to you straight. i think you have a shit ton of "yes people" i stopped paying attention as much when normal people started getting up your ass.. you have tons of fans. i am your friend, that is if this is the same person.. i know we both carried the same sub compact at one time.. do you remember what number of the model that was?

i know you are there, speak to me for a minute i know you are busy but just give me a minute

calling me a trump supporter hurt lol. i cannot endorse his brand of dick.. he reminds me of my father in many ways. but i also lived in the DC area and grew up with and heard all about the clinton family through friends and family that guarded them.. word gets around in the DC suburbs.. even though i was a kid i remember and i was reading the paper everyday starting around 5th grade.

first computer = apple 2c (my parents knew better than to get me an IMB with a modem in it) lol


i was phreaking like a champ when i was 11.. i was playing key tone songs early on. the phone always fascinated me. i know that you and i know each other somehow. we either know the same people, or somehow there is a connection. and i know for the sake of OPSEC you cannot say anything here, and i am sorry if i alluded to knowing you somehow if a third party was reading. but thinking i know you by some off chance of knowing the same people or maybe we grew up in the same area or whatever it is, that is not breaking any laws and i do not think it is jeopardizing your security in any way. i think i have done a good job at keeping my online footprint minimal over the years. you got all up in arms yesterday like i was trying to identify you, i am not one of those people. i would fight to protect you, and i know this falls on def ears to you because i know you cannot trust anyone for your own safety, but i have to say it so you cannot ever say i am not your friend. since you do not reply, i will eventually just stop texting and leave you alone because i will get tired of talking to myself. but i really wish you would talk to me sometime if in fact this is the same person. i asked you for help once and you took the time to hear what was wrong. i know you are a good person.

maybe i am mistaken. i thought we were a lot alike. i have checked your timeline off and on and we literally say the same things sometimes. its weird. i will not keep texting as my cell phone screen just went all the way dark and i know i did not adjust my screen brightness setting. is that your way of telling me not to talk to you? ok, i will leave you alone. dm me if you are ever bored and wanna shoot the shit. i will always be your friend. stay strong beast.


you going to watch mr robot tonight? also what do you think about the tool kit auction being offered online?

im somewhat secure now


ok man.. im sick of you not replying and pumping the shit out of that bitch ass cunt can eat a fuckin dick, i was a huge fan of yours (and i thought friend) and i will not sit back and watch you bash trump so that cunt piece of shit can get into office because you are worried about how food is put on your plate, and your own personal interests and not what is good for the country. you claim to be a patriot and you know what happened with those emails and the fuckin server and BENGHAZI!!!! and you are gonna talk shit about trump and back that lying shit stain clinton? trump blocked you, i am assuming you are pissed off for that too.. and you are most likely DOD federally funded,(and I never cared) maybe his ideals will take food off your plate who knows... i always liked you man,(or maybe there has been more than one person behind this account as “J” (because I noticed personality changes through text since you said you were going dark and retiring and then came back) if you are gonna be a mother fuckin dick you can go fuck yourself. and if you are gonna “hack”me have at it.
I have skills too, I am not afraid of you.. I do not fuckin hide. I am not afraid of shit, remember that.
you can go fuck yourself. have fun in life with whatever you do.

p.s. im not a fuckin bitch ass coward online troll who will sign on with another account and attack you like a pussy hiding my identity either. I just will not speak to you again. Have fun being a douchebag liberal helping to destroy this country. You call yourself a patriot. You are no patriot. Nobody in their right mind would belittle the opponent that can beat clinton so much, I would take trump over her any day. Shes a lying sack of shit and you know it. You should be ashamed of yourself. You made a big deal about Benghazi (as you should have).... look at you now.... I suggest you check your mother fuckin compass sailor. I will tell you what I will do, I will make an account to counter every mother fucking thing you say about trump to all the mouth breathers who are too fucking stupid to do anything but suck your dick and follow your words like gospel. Keep knockin trump, when I hit you with a barrage of comebacks your ego cannot handle try not to get too upset about it, or do.. I dont give a fuck. Peace fuckface

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