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18th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

I am losing some long term fans... :(

Lately I have been noticing a lot of posts from people saying that I have changed. They say they are unsubbing because my content is different. They say that I am different. They say I am no longer fun to watch.

Sometimes its about the unboxings on the gaming channel. Sometimes its about how my vlogs or attitude have changed. Some people have remarked how I used to crap all over video games but these days instead choose to promote the ones I like.

Believe it or not I am aware of these changes. These are conscious and intended changes. Some of it, I guess, is unintended but for the most part these are things I wanted to change and have done so on purpose.

The decision to do more unboxings on the gaming channel was purposeful; I really feel passionate about making them and love doing them, at least for now. The fact that they're getting a big audience and causing the channel to grow is secondary, but quite welcome.

The decision to crap on less video games and promote more good ones was conscious too. It all goes down to something Adam Boyes of playstation said to me a few years back. he said "everyone shits on our mistakes but very few people cheer us on when we get it right." I decided I wanted to be the person that cheered them on when its gotten right. Sure I'm still there to tell people to avoid broken games like No Man's Sky on PC, but I can do it in a kinder and gentler way.

Plus I have francis to be the bad guy who screams negative stuff. That leaves me to be the good guy.

Some of the other stuff; the less cynical nature, or being happy.... these weren't things I tried to push to the front it just kind of happened. As I change as a person some of the more personal content has to change with me. IDK what to say about that. If that means we're no longer friends because of that, I guess I understand.

I never wanted to be edgy. I never wanted to be cynical. I never wanted to be angry. I just wanted to be me and I wanted me to be happier.

Maybe this causes my audience to shrink. Maybe it'll stay the same. Maybe it'll grow. I honestly don't know.

But in the end, I always have to be true to myself and that means being passionate about what I love and doing what feels right. I hope you'll enjoy that and choose to stick with me. :)

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