Tom Villiers · @Gankicus

15th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

Choke (ESL) Payment update and full apology

As of today 15th August 2016 the Choke players have been paid for ESL LoL season 2 Premiership, as an apology for the delay I have deducted Chokes 10% cut from the winnings and gave 100% of the winnings to the players.

I take full responsibility for the delay, I have let the Organisation down & the players down I can only apologise for my mistakes and move on, I feel Luka releasing chat logs was extremely harsh if he released them after today if I hadn't paid when I promised I'd feel more sympathetic towards his situation and would find it more understandable why he would take such action.

I will be taking a break from eSports after this Insomnia as I feel emotionally drained by the burden of running a Organisation especially when added the legal implications with the former director/manager which I felt held us back from moving forward

I would also like to note to other people running organisations, I can't give out personal phone numbers/details of the companies who sponsor Choke under any circumstance

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