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Many Are Understanding Life's A Learning Curve & Seeing Bi-Directional Learning

Many Are Understanding Life's A Learning Curve & Seeing Bi-Directional Learning

Just as is the case in Europe, obviously which has a rich
tradition of its own, many even in the Bible Belt regions have
for all intents & purposes profusely embraced LGBT.

Of course, a plethora of epigenetics, and apparently a
family genetic too, whether or not originally epigenetic
in origin once, have come to light to explain the
occurrence at least in I expect likely predominant part
(I'm a public health professional not actually of religious
background but do like helping and in fact become
heartened by helping similar types in service org's,
including religious ones.)

It may surprisingly be the case life's being a learning
curve, especially if we take to heart the song from
The Byrds there's a place time time time....
that the historical biologic naivete in the area has
ironically helped reinforce and deepen and broaden
our understanding of a biologic connection to the
moral surrounding from which the issue sprang:
democracy & health (free/equal/cooperation-

I won't specify correlated traits cause
1: the correlations are thin and presence
does not mean homosexuality in and of itself
2: the last thing I'd want to do is add to judging/
defensiveness, the basis of insecurity and
birthright gradients, and inwardness, and all
those insecurity related things demagogues
love so well.

But, there's a trait correlated with Winter birth that
could imply "more hands fewer mouths" (an adaptation
to food scarcity correlated with harsher or yet
even harsher perennial winters, for instance.)
This would be consistent with "first available for war"
gay males are more masculine

More Males Needed In
Primitive, Tribal Cultures, For
Basic Sustenance, Where Women
Are Denied Productive Equality.

There's what I call a "ready to go" factor in some women
wherein when they happen to be particularly productive,
and happen to produce long strings of males, and those
males are particularly masculine, latter ones are slightly
likelier to be gay.
I'm not linking that one in this setting cause it's going to
be too often misunderstood.
Cannibalism among neanderthals:

Warming alters mountain plant sex ratios

This, Then, Is Saying, Where
There's A Better Climate For
Sustenance Production, People Are
MORE READILY Insulin Resistant.


These things become infinitely consistent, I've
found, with many similar dynamics not directly
relating to orientation, but actually with a common
theme visible as to energy stasis, it looks.

Moms' high-fat, sugary diets may lead to heavy offspring with a taste for alcohol, sensitivity to drugs

These things link to the microbiome (gut flora, linking us
to our environment far more intimately,) and that in turn to
the immune system and that in turn to social behavior.

I won't link some of it cause it can entail alcohol and
an epigenetic relation to a diagnosis. (I'm avoiding
inducing non-medically instructed behavior on the basis
of a twitlonger that will be traveling far and wide.)

There's a bi-directionality between the morality and
the science cause "what we are" is best pursued
understanding first that it best reflects our "better
culture:" democratic, democratically informing us.

We're barely learning this in time.
We're probably a little late already.

Experiments Involving GMO
Animals Are Skyrocketing,
Study Finds


We should resolve our genetics
So As To Preserve
Our Relation Biologically To Our Natural
Environmental Course, And Of Course
Our Human Character; And On The
Other Hand, That Reverberates Back To
The Morality Informing Just Let
Everything Go A La Bottom Up
Democracy, And Democratically
Informed Science Instead Of Top Down
Pot Shot Artificial Interventions Absent
Full Democratic Process Economically
Define In Terms Of Running Through
The "What If's" Until You Can't Take
It Any More.

I Don't Put Words In People's
This Is Based On Impression,


And Then It Includes New
Stuff, From Here.
It Seems When Vendana Shiva
And Others Imply It's
Fundamentally Wrongful For
Life Forms To Be Privatized,
It Implies A Fundamental Leap
From Democracy's Underpinnings.
Democracy's Free & Equal.

To "Own Life" Really CAN Be
Seen In Comparison With How
One Way, Or Another Way,
Patents (Means Monopoly) Can
Be Treated In Pharma, Particularly.
I Think It's True.
To Allow Ownership Of Life In
Perpetuity's Just An Ultimate
Form Of Full Cultural Level
Privatization. An Arrogance.
Something Enabled By The Community
But In A Manner So Usual With
Such Privatizations Variously
Costly, Far Too Costly, Pre-
Emptive Of Much Better, To
The Community.

But Wait.
These (Life Privatizers) Are
​People Doing The Above.
That Means The Above Must Reflect
Back At The Culture Right Now.
Something's Wrong.
If It's Ownership Of Life Wrongly,
It Must Reflect The Presence Of
An Aim To Inordinately Take
Ownership Of Our Own Lives In
Abrogation Of Democracy.
Forcing And Entrenching Undemocratic
Economic Control Implies ...
...If There's Something Really
Wrong Specifically Mirroring Wrongful
Ownership Of Life, It Must Define
Some Measure Of Slavery.

I Personally Tend To Agree
With This,


Anti-Release Of
GM Mosquitos.
On Electronic Media (Cable
News Broadcast It's Evident
The Spraying Campaign's
Already Been Apparently Quite
Spectacularly Successful
--"One Mosquito Per Trap
Where There Used To Be
​2 Doz.")
Vaccines Will Be Available

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