Just want to say the players are released and will no longer have any affiliation with Kingdom eSports. I am honestly confused an accept any responsibility for not knowing this was going on behind my back. I am not sure how this even happens or that it was even a "thing" for people to use others accounts to play the game and would love an email or DM from ESL regarding this ruling and the proof they have. I respect their decision either way.

When I started this I wanted to make sure I did everything right from the start. I made sure I had my ducks in a row if you will before even starting up this organization. I have put a lot of time, energy and money into building this brand. I hope that all the friends, fans and supporters we have gained over the short period we have been around will not hold this against us in the long run. There is a bigger picture that we have yet to achieve. This will not make me turn away from eSports or even Call of Duty. This will make me learn from the mistakes I have made in this team decision and only grow stronger. We have amazing players in other games and are well respected.

End of the day wish best of luck to everyone that competes in competitive Call of Duty and to everyone competing and qualifying for the Championship!

-David Beasley
Founder/CEO Kingdom eSports

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