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13th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

Choke ending current operations

As of after Insomnia 58 Choke will become a Inactive Company (eSports Interactive Limited) we are currently involved in Legal proceedings with former managing director Vincent Clarke and feel we can not move forward as a business until this is resolved. He is still a 25% shareholder we have tried to buy his share and offered him to buy the shares of Choke so the company can move forward as both don’t share the same outlook moving forward which has made the day to day operations of the company become untenable until this matter is resolved, we have been advised by our solicitors to stop operations until the legal proceeding have taken place and we have a better outlook of how we can move forward in the future.

Current Manager of Choke - Tom Villiers statement:
I have only run Choke for a short period of time but have enjoyed my time with the organisation, the shareholders & sponsors have been great and I would like to specially thank all the players who have played under the Choke banner during my short time as the team manager. I really hope the legal proceedings get resolved sooner rather than later so Choke can be run without the current weight holding it back.

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