Olaf Falafel: and the Cheese of Truth #edfringe review

Vine master Olaf makes a decent entrance into the world of stand-up, showing that he's capable of much greater things.

There is no doubting his ability to be funny in a 6 second video, but to do it in front of a large live audience is something else.

I wouldn't say he makes it look easy, but you can see that he has something. Nice ideas and good writing show that he's capable of establishing himself in a place like Edinburgh.

This show is clearly written around his vines but his good work has made it more than a showcase. It's a decent hour from the newcomer and very enjoyable. Plenty of groans but big laughs too. He has obviously still to prove himself without the video but I do see enough to predict a bright future.

Comedy Reviewer 7/10
#edfringe 3 Stars ***

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