Angela Eagle. Why didn't u contact the press to correct the "window" falsehoods?

I am a constituent of Angela Eagle. I sent this email on 25th July 2016.

There has been NO RESPONSE.

Dear Angela Eagle,

Please explain what measures you and your team are taking to set the record straight re: numerous false stories relating to 'Angela Eagle's Broken Office Window / Attacks On Angela Eagle's Office', which have appeared in local and national newspapers and on TV and radio - stories by which your purpose, that of ousting Jeremy Corbyn, may gain traction and may be advanced unfairly through wholesale dishonesty and a persistent failure to retract on the part of numerous news organisations.

I am a constituent of yours and have physically visited the site of the above incident. This email is intended to place you on notice that I will be contacting the press regulator IPSO in order to lodge what I believe is a well-founded complaint.

Please follow these links for further details on the nature of my complaint and for further details on how wholesale dishonesty on the part of the news organisations has manifested itself:

17th July

24th July

I would greatly appreciate it if you responded with your intentions as soon as possible in order to allow me to proceed with my complaint and to limit the damage that is accumulating to both your reputation and that of the UK's media and printed press organisations,

best regards,

Paul Cardin

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