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10th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

Offseason and my thoughts.

Hello guys, long time I didn't give any news so I decided to write something to keep you updated.

Like most of you knows, I was playing in team Forge (4G) in Challenger Series, and unfortunately, we didn't make it into playoffs. I really liked the people here and with 2 good Korean coaches and good players I thought we would've been able to make it. I was really disappointed in myself to not reach the goal I had. Obviously, it is not that easy but I believe with hard work and focus a player can reach whatever goal he wants to achieve.
Sadly we had too many problems to fix to be able to reach playoffs or even promotion tournament in such short time.

On a personal aspect, I'm quite happy with my performances in EUCS. I really wanted to be one of the carry of my team, if I'm fed that I use the ressources I get to make snowball my team and I pretty much did it, or tried at least so it is satisfying in the end. My personal goal was to prove myself that I was able to do good and not because I had really shaky games in EULCS at the beginning means I'm bad or cannot carry (Maybe I wanted to prove haters too, but that's not really good mindset:^)). I just realised how huge being confident for a player is, sometimes people trashtalk you for no reasons but in the end, it's you playing and trying to improve while they're doing nothing unless trying to make you sad. Don't let those people affect you or your gameplay (yes it can happen :)). Just try to give your best and eventually things are gonna go well for you.

So I just kept playing soloQ and soloQ and performed good in EUCS. In the end I'm happy about the level I've shown in those games even when we were behind, and from that I know that I improved.

To the people that supports me everytime just thank you so much it helps, really. <3

And to the people that think it is ok to harass a player just because he replaced your star, no it is not ok, we are on the same team and if they called me it was for some reasons obviously.

Now, I am a Free agent, and I don't know yet if I'll resign, but what is sure is that I'll keep playing because I love this game and I'll make sure to come back to the LCS and prove that I'm not EL Eika anymore.

I'm so sorry for grammar/syntax mistakes but I hope you'll forgive me. Thank you for reading this and hope you'll keep supporting me!


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