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10th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

This is a conversation on FB by Mark and one we should all be alert to, I also received my Electoral update form but wasn't as astute as Mark:
Just been online to confirm eligible voters for our address, the website providing this service for Fife council is being run by this lot.... anyone else find this extremely disturbing?
"This webpage is designed, maintained and run by Idox's Election division on behalf of many UK Local Authorities. © Idox plc"
"Idox plc is registered in England & Wales. Registered Address: Second Floor, 1310 Waterside, Arlington Business Park, Theale, Reading, Berkshire RG7 4SA."…/democratic-services.html
Another comment from Patricia which should worry us and maybe we should be asking our MPs about it:
Thank you Mark. I have been commenting on this very issue for about a month now and nobody seems to see the danger of letting this continue, Idox have a three year contract awarded him Cameron and co, so far this company has been involved with the Scottish Referendum,the GE,National and EU referendum, they will still be employed to run the local elections next year when their contract runs out. Since their involvement the Tories have won more elections than they have in years. Not happy with that they now want permanence by rearranging the borders and cutting out other MPs. If we allow this firm and there are more even Neil Kinnock has shares in voting machines, we will never see independence.

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