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9th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

My departure from Cringe Crew

Hey everyone,

My name is Zashu (previously solo laner for Cringe Crew) and with this post I want to make a couple of things clear regarding my situation and as you can read in the title, my departure from Cringe Crew.

First of all I would like to mention that it has been a blast playing with everyone in Cringe Crew and now that I have come to my departure I am extemely upset that this is the result, but it is what it is. I left on good terms with the team, and I wish them the best in the future.

The reason why Cringe Crew decided to not go with me and go with Zyrhoes instead is because I am not 100% sure unbanned yet and get to send my appeal at the 15th of August. Because of the SPL starting in 2 weeks we decided to have a team meeting at the same day that I am writing this post to see what to do with the situation and what would be the best for the team, aswell as for me and Zyrhoes. After a long talk the team decided that it would be more safe to go with Zyrhoes, because he is also a great solo laner and has no bans on record. Him having no bans on record, means that unlike me, if he ever would get banned it wouldn't be a permanent ban. Regardless of me changing my behaviour completly, not being BM anymore and trying my best to help players improve they still thought it was too much of a risk to go with me.

Now that I am no longer with Cringe Crew, I am a free agent. Many people including myself believe that I am one of EU's best solo laners (everyone is entitled to an opinion, if yours differs from mine, that's completly fine.) so therefor I hope to find a new team before the SPL starts. Because it's unlikely that the top 4 teams would get rid of their solo laner for me, I have put my eyes upon the new teams joining the SPL. I certainly believe I would be a valuable asset to one of the newer teams in SPL as I have experience and have the skill to help some of these teams get further than they would with their current solo laner. This is a 'business' poin of view, there is also a chance that I will not get into any team as they are great friends and don't want to kick a friend, even if they would be likely to make it further with me.

Assuming I get unbanned, I hope that this is not the end of my career and that all the hours I put into grinding to improve are not wasted. My dreams of getting to worlds (which is in my opinion realistic with Cringe Crew) are most likely far from my reach right now, but that wont kill my passion for professional SMITE. With me leaving Cringe Crew on good terms, I will still grind every day as much I have been doing for the past year to show them why they made the wrong decision by not picking me. On top of that, making it to LAN with Cringe Crew is the best thing that has happend to me in my life. I will not let this obstacle of me not being their solo laner prevent me from going to another LAN and having a great time.

If things are unclear, questions can always be asked and I'll try to respond.

Regards, Zashu

TLDR: I have been kicked from Cringe Crew and am looking to join a new SPL team.

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