Press Release: Assange Files Appeal to Enforce UN Findings

9 August 2016

This morning, Julian Assange filed an appeal at Sweden's Court of Appeal of Svea, arguing that Sweden must comply with the UN's February 5th findings that his deprivation of liberty is unlawful and that Sweden must release and compensate him immediately for the harm caused. Despite never having been charged with any offence, while visiting the United Kingdom police seized his Australian passport and imprisoned him on Sweden's request. Mr. Assange has been deprived of his liberty since December 7, 2010--first in isolation in Wandsworth prison, then under house arrest and for the last four years in an embassy surrounded by police. For six years now, his rights have been severely violated, as have the rights of his children. WikiLeaks started its publication of US diplomatic cables on November 29, 2010, a week before Sweden and the UK arbitrarily imprisoned him.

A representative of Mr. Assange's legal team said "The proceedings will test whether Sweden complies with its binding treaty obligations and whether it acts in good faith under the UN human rights system."

On May 19 this year, the FBI and US Department of Justice informed a federal court in the United States that "prosecutive efforts" remain underway against WikiLeaks. The alleged offences include espionage, conspiracy to commit espionage, electronic terrorism and general conspiracy.

Mr. Assange has already previously been found to be innocent in Sweden of the only remaining allegation. Police records show that the alleged 'complainant' stated that the police "made it up" and placed her under duress. Mr. Assange has been deprived of his liberty for a period that far exceeds the maximum penalty of the alleged offence. He has never been charged. The formal stage of Swedish matter is "preliminary investigation".

Last week WikiLeaks released twenty thousand emails showing election rigging in the US democratic primary process. The President of the US Democratic Party and three other senior executives resigned as a result.


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