International Conference on Leibniz and the Sciences, Milan

Mathesis quaedam Divina seu Mechanismus Metaphysicus -Leibniz and the sciences

International Conference at Università degli Studi di Milano

7-8 October 2016

In this year of the tercentenary of Leibniz's death, we celebrate his work through an international conference on Leibniz's relationship to the sciences.

Of course the notion of the "scientist" did not solidify until much later on in the 19th century. However, Leibniz's work in mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology would certainly allow us to consider him under this appellation. Not only do we consider Leibniz's work for its contribution to the sciences but also take up Leibniz's lifelong concern for the metaphysical and theological implications of the novae scientiae which had already become irreversibly established in Leibniz's time.

This conference brings together senior and junior researchers to explore topics in Leibniz's work in geometry, physics, astronomy, biology, microscopy, scientific methodology and its metaphysical and theological consequences.

Speakers will include:

Laurence Bouquiaux
Mattia Brancato
Paolo Bussotti
Valerie Debuiche
Vincenzo De Risi
Stefano Di Bella
Gianfranco Mormino
Miguel Palomo
Enrico Pasini
Federico Silvestri
Justin Smith
Tzuchien Tho

All are welcome. Please register with the organisers by writing to: tzuchien.tho_[@]

Tzuchien Tho 涂子謙 Ph.D.
Postdoctoral researcher, Università degli Studi di Milano
Associated Researcher BBAW

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