ComedyReviewer Top Tips 2016

James Acaster: Nominated now four times for the Edinburgh Comedy Award, each show recognised as something special but none have been good enough to win the top prize.
Often thought of as more of a writer than a performer, however over time has done so well to shake that myth. He is learning all the time, growing in confidence and now finding his own unique style. Hopefully 2016 is his year.

Larry Dean: He could well be Scotland's next big thing! He had a great debut show last year, the writing was good but it was the delivery and stage presence that had people talking. A real natural and one you shouldn't miss.

Spencer Jones: Performing last years show along with one brand new one. He was a front runner for last years comedy award and if this new show is anything like before then expect another nomination.

Rhys James: Very active and very funny on Twitter, he gets better and better every time we see him perform. Good writing and delivery means it's only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

Nish Kumar: Around Edinburgh for a while but only now breaking on to our television screens. He's sure to be the next panel show regular or even host. We may not see him up this way again for quite some time though so go and see him now while you still can.

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