5th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger


This world needs your protection! EHOME establishes an Overwatch team!

As the longest-standing esports club in China, EHOME has gone through much trial and tribulation and in 2015 re-formed to once again carry the motto "THE ONE AND THE ONLY" in its quest to create a top-tier global esports club. Currently the club has teams for popular games such as Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Today we are delighted to announce, EHOME has signed the Korean team UW ARTISAN to officially form the EHOME Overwatch team. UW Artisan was formed early on in the Korean Overwatch scene, and at one point gained famed for their player Geguri who recorded herself playing in order to disprove accusations of cheating, as well as Karos who has the nickname of 'Genji Su'. JJiNu, NoMi, Ian, and Noru -- and a former UW Artisan player, Lime, as their coach.

EHOME.Overwatch will establish a team house soon, with plans set for this August. Because it is a Korean squad, the team will be based out of Korea and will operate within the Korean esports environment.

Words from EHOME's ownership: "Very happy to be able to sign Korea's strongest Overwatch squad and coach. With EHOME's rich esports experience, we aim to build a top tier Overwatch team in Korea and the world.
Words from EHOME.Overwatch's Lime: "Even now I can't believe that we are joining EHOME, a club with so much history. Big thanks to EHOME for giving us this opportunity, we will work endlessly towards achieving good results."

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