So excited to be a part of @H2KGG!

It's been a journey and a half, but my team was fortunate enough to be sponsored by H2K. I think it'll be cool to talk about my team and why I think we were given this opportunity.

Potential is the biggest word. After being on many different teams in my life (of different sorts), this one has a deadly combination of drive and positivity. We've had a lot of solid scrim results, especially in the Pharrah meta against highly ranked teams. Each member intends on pushing themselves and the team into a top tier position.

I also want to share some words about my teammates for those interested in getting to know us:

Kresnik - our glue. Insanely talented Reinhardt. Shatters for days. We all want to play for and with him.

M4risa - silent killer. "Hitscan only" player. Nuh-uh, top tier projectile player as well. Look up at kill feed and see DBlade 4k. Another day at the office.

Fire - lucky pickup. Mechanics god. Super smart and positive. Patiently awaits the day Pharah is viable.

Esper - the vet. Top tier player with loads of experience. Super positive. Low key comedy master.

Fareoh - brother. Off-tank. Just kidding, he's a "Flex". Team prophet. Master of all things strategy.

That's it! I look forward to exceeding all expectations. With time, we will thrive.

Shout-outs to @QC_Shwaazi, @Whissx, and @RoolfOW for giving me a team to practice with and general guidance in my early Overwatch days.


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