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It's been a weird and interesting past week and a half, but yes I ended up playing my final games on Dire Wolves due to some internal issues with The Chiefs. Whilst my final split didn't pan out exactly as I wanted it to be, i'm glad i've had my fair share of experiences in the past 5 years that i've played League competitively and its time I moved on with my life and stopped putting off all the things that I wanted and needed to do but couldn't because of League.

I won't post my whole complete story here since i'm already tired of writing essays at University but with this post I really just wanted to leave some messages towards some players, teams as well as the whole League community in general.

Messages to some teams

Firstly, to the Dire Wolves: You guys are the first and last team that I've switched to in my career and before I made the switch I was struggling with some motivational issues that plagued me throughout the final split. However, coming into the new environment and playing as the underdogs really brought back to me why I decided to start playing League in the first place. I love challenges and most importantly, I was HAVING FUN. After playing League for so long it almost felt like I was auto piloting through scrims and solo queue but ultimately, I actually had so much fun in the final series against The Chiefs (Especially on Jinx).

To The Chiefs: Unfortunate that things didn't work out towards the end, however I'm glad there's no bad blood between us. Thank you for being wonderful teammates throughout my years with the exception of the tilt-lords during their episodes. I wish you guys all the best and may even decide to try live vicariously through you till the end of the split.

To Legacy: Since I was a Chief for so long, I consequentially never talked to you guys very much with the exception of Carbon and Chuchuz at All-Stars. I see a lot of potential in your team, especially with the young roster of K1ng and Tally and i'm looking forward to seeing you guys play against my old team in Brisbane. I'll probably be on the analyst desk so if you do beat them, i'm going to have fun roasting them.

Messages to some Players (I may add more in the future because I may forget about some)

Swiper: Pretty simple really, stop being a bitch. You'll understand why and maybe this public name and shame will prevent you from getting pushed around in the future ;).

Spookz:I don't understand how you are a 22 year old male, probably the most immature person i've ever met relative to their age. Good jungler though.

Swiffer: Stop tilting and having undeservedly bigger calves than me.

Raes: You have a lot of potential and I hope you don't take this opportunity to play for The Chiefs lightly. From what I hear from my time as part of the Wolf Pack, you should also try food outside of chicken.

EGym: Stop tilting and raging because if you get banned I'm actually telling Spookz and Jish to slap you.

Joshua: Your obsession with Ralph Lauren t-shirts is beyond basic. Your altruistic name is also a lie.

Volt: You're a smart kid. I'd like to think that i'm better at math than you though.

Frank: Take care of the team. I feel like if they didn't have you they'd somehow end up with scurvy whilst living in the house.

Phantiks and Chippys: You guys have so much potential and passion for the game. Chippys stop being a bitch like Swiper and tilting and you can be so much of a better player.

Sybol: Stand up for yourself more in the team. However, you are probably the best teammate out of all the wolves as well.

Joo: You're a funny dude and somehow managed to ingrain DW meme's into my head.

Rippii: Keep growing the DW, you're doing a great job and I want to see you guys with more sponsors next year.

Rosey: Unfortunate things didn't work out with us in the bot lane but you seem to have created this trend where I somehow end up playing with tiltlord supports.

Ryoo: Don't talk to you that much but had a lot of fun at All-Stars playing together.

HeavenzCurse: If you read this, I actually thought you were an amazing player. Just a little bit of a tilter though, just a little.

Matty: Most stylish kid I know and a better Lee Sin than Spookz could ever dream of.

Domo: Only talked to you again recently, but had a lot of fun playing with you in my first overseas tournament in Cologne where i was actually good at the game.

Obbie: Never really talked to you that much, but once again I had fun playing with you whilst we were teammates.

K1ng: I literally never talk to you, but from what I hear if you actually focus on the game properly you are going to be an amazing ADC. You are young and still have a long way to go.

Zero: I think you are actually have the most potential out of every ADC in OCE. If you actually dedicated time to playing the game you would actually destroy every team you played against. I actually wanted you to become my replacement / protege when I retired and this is also probably why Rosey likes playing with you.

Bma: I don't talk to you that much but I think you are actually really smart and hilarious.

Juves: I don't talk to you that much but I think you are actually really hilarious.

Impaired: I think you have better mechanics than Spookz and next year you should be able to show him up.

Message to the community:

Thank you to all my fans for supporting me throughout these years. Now that I'm leaving, I want you all to support the rest of the players in the OPL as much as you have supported me.

It is a cold harsh truth that people may hate me for saying, but one has to sacrifice so much to be a successful League Pro. Especially in OCE, players do not make that much money and all of them are playing purely out of passion for the game. Furthermore, at the end of the day, only 1 team out of the 8 teams in the OPL can win it and whilst there is a team that is happy at the end of the split, there are 7 that leave with a bitter taste of disappointment. Without the support of Riot and the fans, it becomes very difficult and discouraging to keep on playing if you are not achieving the results you are looking for. However, Riot has still managed to do a wonderful job creating the OPL and a sustainable structure that they are looking to maintain for the future.

Although I'm leaving in what I deem to be League's infancy in OCE, I hope the young players now, especially the ADCs, will work hard and finally help fulfill my dream that I never achieved, of bringing OCE to worlds.

But as of right now, I am officially washed up and retired. GG Great OCE Game everybody.

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