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2nd Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

Some informations about future of CSGOPot.

Hello everyone.

The last days we were waiting for e-mail from valve informing about closing gambling sites which we never received. We also heard about conspiracies that these e-mails was fake.

Today we came back home and noticed that something is wrong. All of our trade bots got trade banned without any warnings.

Quotation of steam announcement:
"We are going to start sending notices to these sites requesting they cease operations through Steam, and further pursue the matter as necessary."

To make matters worse my account on which i had items for the return to our players who sent support tickets got banned too.

We were not sure about the future of the gambling sites and patiently waited for e-mail from valve. Things would have been different if we got it and we would shut down, letting our players to get their skins back.

We immediately checked if other sites were banned too and we got surprised. Way bigger sites are still working and don't seem to close.

We are going to try to contact valve and appeal for getting unbanned to let everyone withdraw their skins.

We will keep you guys updated about our situation.

CSGOPot.com team.

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