Heroes United Season 2 Announcement

Season 2 Announcement
August 3rd marks the start of Heroes United Season 2. There are going to be quite a few changes coming in Season 2 so we will break them down into the following sections:

 Rule Changes
 Schedule Changes
 Viewing Changes
 Crowdfunding
 Get Involved

Rule Changes:
We listened to your feedback coming out of Season 1 and in trying to be more inclusive to the HotS community have decided to relax our rules on ‘Pro’ Players (Pros being any player on a top 8 team in the last 3 months). Going into S2 teams may have a maximum of 2 pros per team. We hope that this will encourage more high level players to throw their hats in the ring and raise the overall level of talent in the Amateur Scene. We hope that by watching and learning from these players our audience can have an even more beneficial experience.

Another piece of feedback received from the community was that teams felt they didn’t get enough out of our tournaments due to nature of the Best-of-One, Single Elimination format. Committing a night to a tournament to get knocked out after a single game is not enjoyable and we agree. Therefore we are going to be experimenting with different formats. We are going to be switching to Best-of-One Double Elimination for our weeknight tournaments. We hope this will give teams more games without overly extending the length of the tournaments. For our weekend tournaments we are going to be switching to a Best-of-Three Single Elimination format. We are open to trying different formats moving forward to give the best experience to our teams.
*Full rules can be found on the Heroes United Website

Schedule Changes:
There are quite a few changes being made to the schedule moving into Season 2. Due to issues with management, Divergent Gaming will no longer be a member of Heroes United. We are moving NexVerse from Sunday evenings to Friday night in order to fill the spot. We found that four tournaments a week was simply too many for teams and players were feeling burnt out come the end of the season. We hope that going down to three tournaments a week will be easier for players.
We also want to consider those players with busy work schedules and therefore will be moving Sweet Synergy from Tuesday night to Saturday afternoon. We hope that by having multiple scheduling options more teams will be able to compete in Heroes United.

Viewing Changes:
We wanted to make it easier for everyone watching our tournaments moving forward so we have consolidated our viewing onto a single Twitch Channel – www.twitch.tv/hotsunited
All of our tournaments will be broadcast here so be sure to go give it a follow so you don’t miss any of the action!

The Season 2 Matcherino is live! If you want to donate to the prize pool this is the best way to do it. We will be updating it with more backer rewards as the season progresses.
https://matcherino.com/b/tournaments/3207 Donate a free dollar with code: heroes

Get Involved!
If you want to get involved and be a member of the Heroes United teams we are currently accepting applications. We are currently looking for tournament admins and other volunteer positions. If you’re interested send us a message at hotsunited@gmail.com

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