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29th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

Retiring as a channel moderator

Tonight I made the difficult decision and unmodded myself from 52 channels, which was all the regular channel mod swords that I had.

Now, I have no ill will against anyone for doing this, but I thought it was time. I haven't "pulled my weight" as a channel moderator in months. Really in any channel. There was a point in my life where that was all I did... moderating and chatting in 8+ channels at a time every night, all night. But since getting the job as an Admin, and since starting some of my side projects, and with a baby on the way (SOON), I have basically zero time to do what broadcasters need moderators to do.

I've always said that the number one requirement of being a moderator in a channel is just being there to support all the time. So I have to lead by example and remove myself if I can no longer fulfill those duties. I can't put that back on the streamer to make the awkward decision to unmod me in favor of mods who actually do show up. It's just not fair on them.

Some of you understood that I'm still doing things for the community and I'm still a resource you can count on and PM anytime with questions, concerns, or business opportunities and that the sword was basically honorary at this point. Some of you didn't understand. But I'll just basically make it very clear now by doing this that:

If you remod me, I make no promises of my time to help in the day-to-day chat moderation and a sword would merely be badge-collection and honorary.

And I will not be offended if you do not re-mod me. And I hope you aren't offended if I was a mod for you previously. Some of you may feel like this will mean that you see less of me, and I can tell you that it'll probably be the opposite, because the pressure and awkwardness of having the badge but never being there to use it will be gone and I can just enjoy the channel and relax like everyone else.

I miss regular channel moderation very much, but I also believe in the new projects that I'm doing, which should help other channel moderators, without necessarily doing the modding myself. I hope to be a resource still, and I do hope you know that any of you are welcome to reach out to me at any time. Email me. DM me. Play some Overwatch with me sometime.

Someday perhaps I'll return to it. But there are some exciting things I want to do first. So for now, thanks for the trust you've put in me when I was your channel moderator and you will still see me around, just with less badges. Much love. <3

- Moblord

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