This may or may not come as a surprise to a lot of people but in short I am done playing this CoD professionally. I might be back next game I might not be I honestly don't know. There is the short and sweet story. For those of you that care about why I came to this decision read onward.

Over the course of this past year of CoD I have simply not been happy. For those of you that know me I am a very competitive and passionate player when it comes to CoD. Every loss digs deep into my pride and fuels me to become a better player and to better my team. I know a lot of people don't agree with my methods of doing so but I will touch on that subject later. My passion and pride have put me to a point where I believe our talent pool is so low that winning is a near impossible feat nowadays with how stacked teams are and how limited player choices are in the scene and especially for me due to the reputation that I undoubtedly got because of my own actions. You can go back and point out underdog teams coming close to the taste of victory many times this year all you want however I truly believe it stems from lack of preparation from the "better" teams and the crappy formats of competition and legitimate practice this year has had for pros and ams alike. Simply put the talent pool is very limited for me and I don't see myself happy competing and settling for less in the next few weeks just because there is a chance.

Another reason I decided to part ways with CoD for the time being is because even if I decided to play with this limited pool of players I don't think I could forge the team into what I would want it to be simply because nowadays people are stubborn and have poor attitudes. You might be thinking to yourself right now of all people to criticize peoples attitudes huh? Well I'll touch on my own faults later however I do believe this scene and community is very hypocritical. Currently it has come to my attention that the general consensus of the pro community is that good vibes and talent is all you need to formulate a good team. While having those things within a team keeps the pack healthy and competing it will not win you a championship. My biggest problem is nowadays players don't take critique well. I am a very good leader and I know what it takes to win sadly a lot of people have lost faith in me yet are blind to the fact I haven't had the best supporting crew in the world. Not shots at my former teammates whatsoever simply put role clashing and lack of individual talent in our clashing roles didn't allow any of us to succeed and play at our full potentials. As I said players as of late have such no it all attitudes where everyone thinks they are always right and they are playing correctly and making the right play etc. I don't get where all this came from when there has been 3 teams that have won events in this game and last year there were 3 if you count denial, FaZe and OG who have won majors. Where did this attitude spike and ego spike come from? People seem to forget everything I've accomplished and all the adversity I've been through and still managed to pull some sort of results averaging 3rd last year when i bounced around teams month to month. Basically this community has taken a turn for the worst and everyone thinks they are champions nowadays and players that were idolized and praised for their winning ability, leadership and knowledge are now looked down upon. Skill doesn't just disappear in a few months span.

My final point regarding why I quit is simply because I was not happy with the community and players in our scene. The pro scene is very "cliquey" and fake. Most of you guys will never understand because you are not a part of it or see what goes on behind the scenes however the nice guy act most people put on is just a facade. People shit talk each other behind their backs. Every late night call is just people talking smack about each other, players downing their own teammates and other high school drama type bull shit you'd expect our age group to be done with. Every 8s call is a giant circle jerk of players within these cliques riding each other and calling each other the best. It's sickening to witness and associating myself with these people and trying to fit in with these people has posed as a nuisance and unhappy lifestyle to me because putting on a fake smile for other people isn't for me.

Lastly regarding my attitude. I acknowledge that I have a terrible history of being a "bad teammate" and at times I know my temper has gotten the better of me but I think the reputation building to that point is unjustified. It has become the norm to hate on me for my poor attitude and it has been gassed up to the point where it's actually not possible to come back from no matter how much I've actually tried. I've worked on my attitude quite a bit and for those that watch my streams on a daily basis will probably take note of it. I am very tolerable of the utter bull shit I deal with from other players whether it's just pure laziness in game, or disrespect outside of it. I take it and hold it in as much as I can keeping my outburst to a bare minimum. The hypocrisy is very real in this community though. I often see or over hear players doing things or talking shit while I know damn well if I said the same thing I would be crucified. That is where I came to the realization that it doesn't matter what I do because this community is blinded by reputation when I constantly see others do similar if not worse and getaway with it because they are loved by the community fans or just "friends" with this shitty cliquey community. I give up on it all. It's not worth it to me.

Thanks to all those of you who were with me and supported me throughout my CoD career but this marks the end of the road for me. Maybe one day I'll come back but who knows I doubt anything will change. If I get any offers worth while I might stay but the chances of that are very low. I'll probably still stream other games maybe some CoD on the side but nothing too serious. Good bye everyone keep it real and of course GLHF :D

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