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22nd Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

CRO COP rips on USADA during interview for Croatian RTL, I translated it for you:
"Now im gonna tell you what happened. I told this only to few people closest to me. First things first, there was no doping. I was tested five or six times. I never used any doping and I dont think there is a need for it. Doping does not reflect in fighting sport in the same way, like in weigh lifting or running, because you need skill too, and if you dont have the skill you dont have much.

We received a notification that UFC is working with USADA, and there was also a video tutorial which I had to watch in its entirety. I was aware of everything and I knew everything. So what caused my injury? That was my mistake. I couldn't do some specific things because of my injury, I couldn't wrestle, for example. I was slowly healing and UFC offered me July fight, which I had to decline. After that I took November fight so my preparations became more intense. I was delaying my final preparations so me leg could heal better.

Then came the overly-intense wrestling. 330 pound wrestler Joso Matkovic was here, his task was to get me down. During this training my muscle gave out, there was a rupture and tendon injury. Doctor told me to stop with the training immediately soo I minimised it. I trained as much as I could. That's the reason I took growth mormone, which is prohibited under USADA.

Therapy lasted 11 days, doses were medical, and it did not help me because I never stopped with the training. And exactly then they came from Switcherland to collect my blood and urine sample. I gave them blood and urine, and told them what im using. I knew growth hormone can be used if you ask for permission, but I did not ask for permission because there was no time. Thats medicine, this has nothing to do with doping. It is not performance enhancer, doesan't give you strenght, it only speeds up the healing. It can be used as doping only in lager doses and in combination with some other supstances.

I didn't mention this because I first wanted to consult with my employer. Doctor gave me medical report, and in USADA rules it states - if there is no alternative, using growth hormone for medical reason it allowed if we consult with them. I didn't consult with them. I then contacted UFC representative and told them what happened. He said everything is alright, and that - even tho I didn't ask for permission - there will be no problem. I sent him an email because he asked for it, and this is where I naively fell for it.

Then USADA called me and they told me my confession is commendable act. I didn't understand anything. My e-mail was forwarded to USADA and they used it as my confession. They gave me 2 year suspension because I was "fair". They misused it, the needed a big name to show they are in control, and this is where they used me. I got sickened by all of this. My shoulder hur, its function was questionable and now this... It boiled over for me, my mother was crying, people were having their sweet time with it, they were tarnishing my career.

I remember when USADA came, they were nice. I asked when when will medical report be available and they said 1st of December at the latest. They came around November 1st. They sent the samples in lab in London. 1st od December passed.. I felt miserable, my shoulder hurt, people are talking... Even If I was guilty I would say I apologise, I didn't do it with bad intentions... But I took banned supstance. I knew I had to ask for permission but they usually give permission if there is no alternative. That didn't help. Muscle was ruptured... I have MRI photo... The guy signed everything and told me to use it.

15th od December and still nothing, New Year and nothing, so I called them on January 6 and I asked for medical report. In February I already felt uncomfortable asking. They suspended me and test was clear. they found nothing. I took it under doctors advice. It was one alternative to heal my shoulder. One endocrinologist confirmed to me that this is so and that there is no funny business.

They are right, I did take it without asking, bu that has nothing to do with doping. So I hired an American lawyer. He told me that I have the right to file a complaint. But then they told me that deadline for complaint just passed. If I called earlier, that would be it and the would terminate my suspension, I would just give them documentation from my doctor.

Then I gave up. This all made me sick and I said this is no longer for me. The were sticking to their guns and did not say anything to me. My test was clean so they had no right to do this to me. Take Mir's case as an example. He fought while doping, there was no medicine. They found two anabolic steroids and he received the same penalty as me, and I didn't even fight. And then they snitch on me. Im not mad at anybody but that was not correct thing to do and it was unsportsmanlike thing to do.

In the end they offered me to revoke my suspension If I snitch another fighter. I couldn't believe that they were humiliating me in this matter. I have my own gym, I dont know what people use and even If I knew it - I wouldn't tell them. I told them that they can stop me from fighting in UFC, but they will not take my soul. If organization who fights for clean sort is on such a level that they want to blackmail a fighter... Can you get any lower? I wouldn't do this to my worst enemy. But such are the rules, Im not mad at anybody. I should have kept quiet. I ended up being more naive than a French maid.

I had good relationship with UFC, they are good crew. Im on good terms with them, I dont have any complaints. It was a pleasure to be a part of the UFC. But USADA shouldn't react like it did. But what happened - happened. If they suspended me for six months or just gave me a warning, that would be punishment enough. To give the same punishment to me and Frank Mir.. This was an ugly period for me. Now they even ban IVs. If I took half a liter od vitamins they would tell me that I confessed and they would give me two years.. There must be doping hunt, but that can't turn into witch hunt."


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