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20th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

About what happened:

I just open my social media accounts to clarify certain things, first of all, what the media says (specially mexican media) is not true, I never was deported, I have no demands in USA, I can go whenever I want, I just can’t go to tournaments, the TO's from around the world, decided the ban, I accept it, I'm not accepting the “facts”, I never said that, what I said is that I accept the punishment, because I'm accepting guilt, guilt because I was very drunk with people that I did not know and in another country, that was my responsibility, and that is why, I accept the consequences, NOBODY else is to blame for what happened to me, nor my Mexican friends who were in USA, I'm not 15 years old, I should have known better how to take care of myself, my mistake and nobody else. I'll tell you my version, what I remember and I'm 100% sure that happened. We were at the pool party, everything was fine, drinking with players from USA chilling, all perfect, until the party was over, then DJ Jack, invite me to go with them to the his hotel, I was alone, I mean, no more Mexican players, and we all wanted to continue the party, I accepted, went to Westgate hotel, where several players from SoCal were playing and drinking, when I arrive they offered me shots, I accept them, I remember also have played a bit, after that, DJ Jack, Vicky and I, we went out to buy another bottle to keep drinking, we returned to the room with SoCal and we continue playing / drinking, and from that point I can’t remember anything .. When I woke up, NickRiddle said "you gotta go" I got up, and I thought it was telling me, because it was already day / morning as it looked the sun, then I got up and told him I needed to find my backpack, where my passport and VISA were, He helped me look for it, and could not find it, so I ask them if they could give it to me later, they say yes, I left the hotel, NOBODY took me out, I took a taxi and went back to my hotel, I fell asleep, when I woke up, the whole problem, was there I tried to communicate with Nick and DJ Jack, telling them that I didn’t remembered anything of what they were saying that if they wanted to, we could speak I told them where I was, and they just blocked me on Twitter. THAT is what I remember, right now, I do not ever want to come to USA to play, I do not care, nor do I want to play in Mexico, from my perspective, for me, is a very toxic environment and I RETIRE FROM COMPETITIVE SMASH, right now, I just want to concentrate on my life and in my career.

I apologize again to Vicky and DJ Jack, if what they say is true. All the best to you both, and generally both communities Smash, Mexico / USA want to thank you for the good times that made me live. And a general apology to all my friends / fans for my actions.
Just to clarify, I am accepting PENALTIES, NOT THE FACTS, NOT MAKE PHONE BROKEN.

Without further ado, I’ll let the message about 5 hours, and then disappear again, I'm not hiding, I just want to continue with my life and move on.

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