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20th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

Who is responsible for Star Citizen's toxic community?

1) Sandi Gardiner

Wife of Chris Roberts, head of marketing and lead of the CS team, has been caught on multiple occasions lying about her credentials. I have written extensively about this on my blogs. In fact, all of the LinkedIn profiles (which we have archives of) have been deleted since those blogs.

And most of this predates my quest for accountability which started in July 2015.





And in case you missed her fascinating and condescending exchange with a backer, here it is in all its glory.


And I need not even mention the recent reveal whereby they were using defamatory and unflattering tags to identify the very backers who have given them money to build a game.

2) Chris Roberts

Designer, co-creator has NOT developed - let alone programmed - anything for over a decade and half. In fact, he was neither involved in the gaming community, nor was he in games after being booted off his last project by Microsoft. He does NOT do code programming on Star Citizen. He does NOT do ANY of that sort of work which is attributed to the hard-working devs working exceptionally hard to make his pipe dream come true. That's why he has never come out and stated any of that. Only delusional fans (and Sandi) who make shit up on the fly, come up with that crap.

No doubt you have read his diatribe against myself and The Escapist. In case you missed that gem.


And you've probably seen the video in which, after shit-canning Star Marine, he claimed to be annoyed when people mention it.

3) Ben Lesnick

one of the community team leads, is arguably the single most toxic member of the Star Citizen community; bar none. And he has a long history of this that goes all the way back to the Wing Commander days. In fact, just a few months back, his legacy website, complete with racist, homophobic, religious slurs - and everything in between - was uncovered (again by Goons). Though Goons have a local copy, you can find a partial archive here




Here is his now famous "Cutlass" rant at backers. Seriously, watch this.


4) Jared "Lando" Huckaby.

Another member of the community team who is now having his own "spotlight" moment. Recently a Goon (Webdog) noticed something odd in Jared "Lando" Huckaby's Facebook feed as he was perusing recent Star Citizen news.


He had listed himself as:

"Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Baseball
Director of Operations · 1994 to 1998 · Rancho Cucamonga, California"

Here is an INN interview transcript where he stated:


"But I started out as Mr. Trash, which I dressed up in a tuxedo and went around with a garbage bag collecting people’s trash so they didn’t just throw it on the floor"
"Yeah, so I went out in a tuxedo and I sang songs, did comedy routines, took a lot of pictures with foreign tourists and stuff like that, worked my way up from that to running the line score to running the scoreboard, to eventually becoming director of operations of the entire baseball stadium when I was 19 years old, I was in charge of everything that wasn’t a guy putting a bat to a ball. Came 4 games away from a world series ring."

He has claimed that he started out as a stalls entertainer. Then got promoted to director of operations.

Problem is that he would've been between 16-19 at those times.

So, as these things go, Webdog contacted the Quakes:

Problem. It's all apparently FALSE:



Why is this important? I'm glad you asked.

Star Citizen has the dubious distinction of hosting the worst and most toxic gaming community in recent memory. To the extent that it led Goons to coin the term "Shitizen" in order to distinguish those toxic members from the normal Star Citizen backers and fans. The Shitizens are those engaged in an Internet wide war of attrition against anyone who dares write anything negative or unflattering about the project.

So put all this together, and it's easy to see the pattern of conduct which has led us to this moment in time whereby NOTHING that you say about Star Citizen - ANYWHERE - ends up in a positive light.

Who is responsible for this public facing community image and fiasco? ALL THE PEOPLE ABOVE.

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