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19th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

Follow up on Hyuga statement

Hey y'all Bear here,

Just wanted to clear up a few things about the "1 year ban" and apologize for how it came across as "official" by a group.

First things first, there is a private facebook group that has existed for a couple of years now that includes most Smash 4 international community leaders, TOs, and some players. [Origins are detailed by DC's post &]

The group doesn't make "rulings" we use it primarily for discussion purposes. Like 2 stock vs 3 stock or floating through pools. Given that most major TOs are present in that group, I approached them with a draft of the letter we released yesterday regarding Hyuga. Many people helped edit the letter and the sentence was agreed upon by quite a few people. But not all, and that is something I regret. I was emotional about the issue and wanted to respond to it ASAP so the community doesn't lose faith in Smash 4's potential. I didn't give everyone the time to respond and the group, even though its intended to be, is not all-inclusive.

The 1 year ban is intended to be a recommendation not a rule to those who weren't involved in the decision. We're not suggesting banning him from locals or competitive play unless those TOs/groups wish to follow suit, and we definitely don't want witch hunts against those who allow Hyuga to play if he decides to do so again in the future.

In the future our approach will be dramatically different. We'll have a more formal process and be more clear about who is involved. It will likely be an open letter that is signed by community leaders and TOs and allows others to sign if they wish as well. I take the fault for the statement being out too quickly. I should've been more clear on deliverables & ensure it reads correctly. I let my emotions get the best of my quick actions where the severity needs more time for review. I've known close friends who were victims. I got way too heated & should've waited for all of us to recover from EVO. I do apologize for that. We'll review this further together to ensure we have solutions & precedents to maintain a safe & fun environment.

In the end, the majority of community leaders still agree with this ruling. We will continue to discuss the issue and if things change then we'll let everyone know in a more clear fashion.

Much appreciated,

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