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19th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

Dear Counter-Strike Community

I didn't think I'd be making a public statement about the relationship between CSGOWild and FaZe—but after consistent posts filled with untrue accusations and speculation, I figured it was time to tell the tale.

First off, FaZe Clan, and any of its members do not and have NEVER owned any part of Wild. Team Wild Inc. also know as CSGOWild is ONLY owned by myself and my brother, Zach. Our incorporation documents can be accessed at this link (https://www.sendfilessecurely.com/getfile.aspx?id=nXYEm6mGWQJ4XVFG8liaEYu3m2KwPfq8Psl4). Members of the media may tweet @Stick for the password so they can be used appropriately.

In August of 2015, a few friends and I thought we'd make our own version of a CSGO jackpot website. We launched a beta of a game mode that was the first of its kind (1v1 jackpot). This later transitioned to deciding the winner over a coin flip. Soon after, we started to reach out to people with followings to get our new game recognized. Our first idea was to approach people we'd been friends with for years through gaming and our work on YouTube.

I’ve known and been decent friends with FaZe Banks since before he had any sort of following, so I thought it'd be easiest to offer him and the team he managed at the time a deal where they could promote us to get ourselves off the ground. I also asked him if he could help find me web designers so we could remake our poor design at the time, as a friend he tweeted out and sent me contacts of those who wanted the job. That tweet can be found here: https://twitter.com/Banks/status/650399374263078913
Once our beta was running, I showed him and asked if he'd promote Wild in exchange for cash. He liked the idea of a coin flip and asked his team member FaZe Rain if he was interested. At the time, being able to win skins was a novel idea that had the community excited. Banks and Rain had also been playing on other sites at their own expense because they genuinely enjoyed it. Both have released videos on their channels that featured other sites such as Skin Arena and CSGOGamble. 

After some back-and-forth, we worked out a SPONSORSHIP deal. Banks, Rain and a few other team members got paid in return for promotion. They were paid in cash, skins, and emeralds to be used to bet with on our website. After we chose to cease serving US users we began to cut ties with most of our US based influencers. Not only did we stop working with the guys from FaZe over a month ago, but we also stopped working with a number of youtubers, streamers, and professional players at that time.

Another point I want to touch on; CSGOWild has NEVER altered game results, provided “future rolls” for promoters, nor have we done anything else of that nature. Our promoters are paid to play on their own and simply entertain their fan bases. Most of them lose, this is no secret. If you've ever watched live streamed gameplay of our site, then you have probably seen that happen first hand. When it comes to youtubers, they typically only include highlights and wins in their videos, not losses. Although, we have sponsored plenty of “losing everything" videos on YouTube.

What the hell is Antigua? During the creation of Wild, we had options where to best set up for tax and compliance reasons. Antigua is a country that has a positive relationship with Canada (where I’m from) and is a jurisdiction that embraces e-gaming. This is not some conspiracy to create “shell companies” to hide ownership. Feel free to research and read about why Antigua is friendly to gaming operators on your own.

Because of a few "news" outlets and conspiracy theorists, people are eager to jump to conclusions without having legitimate sourced research. We work hard to run a respectable brand and business in the community we're in, and would never do anything to damage that.

Thank you for reading,
Gagey of CSGOWild

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