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18th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

Regarding Hyuga

Regarding Hyuga:

This afternoon we heard accusations that our player, “Hyuga”, groped a woman of the smash community sometime early this morning as she tried to sleep. After talking to all parties and witnesses involved we believe that these accusations are true. Although he was heavily intoxicated during the incident there is absolutely no excuse for his actions. Starting immediately, Hyuga will no longer be a representative of the VGBC pro team. We want to set a precedent for all teams and sponsored players in the smash community to say that these actions will not be glossed over and ignored. To be absolutely clear, as of right now, we have dropped Hyuga from our team completely.

We have members on our team that knew Hyuga for approximately 6 months before we picked him up. We researched him thoroughly and thought he would make a great addition to our team. We were wrong. Even though there was no evidence that could have led us to expect this kind of conduct from Hyuga, we still feel the need to apologize on the behalf of our ex player. To our fans, to the smash community, but first and foremost to the person affected directly by this incident, we are truly sorry.


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