After talking to many people, I want to prioritize my dream, hobby, and potential career above this situation. I filed a report with the hotel security and was given the option to take it even further. My goal within the Smash community is to grow not only as competitor but as a professional caster as well. I do not want this situation to dwell above my head for a long period of time. I made a tweet about the situation to spread AWARENESS. I do not want this to happen to ANYONE ELSE. The judgement of the community will take it's turn with this situation and hopefully bring more awareness to tournament safety. If I go through with further legal action, I will never be allowed to go to another out of state tournament, again. Coming from a Hispanic family, they will never let me travel out of fear for my safety and I do not want to bring them any worry. Thank you to everyone sending me your support, I appreciate it so much more than you can imagine. Again, I'm still trying to recollect my thoughts and proper emotions about the situation but I believe I will be fine thanks to the support from the community.

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