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16th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger

Announcement - 7/16/2016

All social media followers of MinutemenUSA/Patriot Preparedness Network are herby ordered to

1.) Check Preps, Ammo, and Evacuation plans to include those key individuals in their a.o.r.
2.) Stay alert and monitor news feeds (preferably Twitter @MMUSA_PPN)
4.) As per normal for those whom it applies, speak up if base activity increases or if any military force increase is noticed. All non enlisted individuals should stand at the ready as well as check prep, ammo, and possible evacuation procedures.

Recruitment information: If you are looking for a patriot group to join we are always recruiting. Message us in the twitter DM inbox or email us @

Chatroom Information: We have a public chatroom called 'Patriot Chat' please join us there as well:

-End Message-

MSgt A. Jackson

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