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I would just like to start off by saying I'm by no means talking "shit" about the org. Im merely stating the facts of what we've been through and how we've been treated during our time with CAZ e-Sports.

At the beginning of the team, CAZ knew full-well that we were starting from scratch, starting from the bottom in every single league and working our way up. They signed us
long-term so to speak, not immediate success short term. We've had some decent results, in fact, the only 3 teams we've lost to in officials are Escape, CSGO2X and a team that had a player
that got banned for cheating. Yes, we might not be worth a salary, but ill come to that later.

When we signed our contracts, CAZ Promised us a gaming chair each as a signing bonus. We signed the contract, no chairs. We've asked them about this countless times and their
reply has been; "its up to our sponsor". Yes, sure that might be the case, but why PROMISE a chair when you cant deliver on your promise?`
We were also told that we were going to have monthly team meetings (which was even in our contract) to set up goals, and when we meet those goals, we climb the "ladder" so to speak.
Each step would give us something extra, eventually leading to a salary. There was no meetings.

Now to the big let down that was Dreamhack Summer 2016. Before going to dreamhack, there was 3 things that were said would happen, that definately did not.
The biggest issue was money. We were told that the manager that caz had sent with us (fLk) would have enough money for 1 meal a day for each player, some snacks throughout the day and the travel that was
neccessary getting to and from the venue. There was money no money at all. fLk then proceeded to ask them for the money on the first day, and got told it would be there by night. Come night time, there was
still no money. fLk then asked for the money on the 2nd morning, and was again told that the money would be there by night time. Still no money. This is where r0m stepped in and asked for himself and
got told by the owner of CAZ to "shut the fuck up". The following day we we recieved an amount of £80. It ended up with me having to pay for every taxi, totaling an amount of 4900sek.
When confronted about this sum of money, our team-captain r0m got told that their sorry and that I will be reimbursed AFTER the event.

Picture of this incident:

Liam says in the picture that someone had to take a hotel the night before, which is true. r0m and sm00ya had to travel half across the country to get to the airport given to them and there
was no other option for them than to take a hotel the night before or miss the flight, fair enough. But that left us with a staggering £80 (cause he says he budgeted for £150 in the pic, which still isnt enough
to pay for food and snacks throughout the days spent at dh) for 5 people covering 4 nights in sweden. This was issue #1.

Let me just point out that I did get my money for the travel back. Just so there is no confusion.

Issue #2. The salary.

Picture #1, the promise:

Here everyone can see that we were literally promised a salary if we met the goals he set us up for (this was the first and only meeting we've ever had concerning goals). We did that, we won all 3 tournaments that we participated in.
Got an insane amount of exposure for CAZ Being on (internet Tv station in sweden), having the chance to thank caz's sponsors to make them happy aswell. And also having an article on ESL stating
that we're the first team to qualify for Dreamhack winter pantamera challenge.
Did we get a salary? No.
Picture #2, the going back on the promise:

Issue #3. fLks personal coverage for the event.

Our event manager, fLk, was promised basicly a free event, he wouldnt have to dig out of his own pocket for food, drinks or anything else for that matter because it was such short notice for him.
He ended up 0ing his bank account. Some of this was spent on food for the team (we didnt ask for this, he just felt like he was sent there to help us so thats what he wanted to do, which
was originally gonna get covered by the money promised prior to the event by caz).
He also declined a job offer to cast for an X amount of money cause it wouldve taken place during the same days that dreamhack was. Yes, that was his decision,
but he purely based that off of what caz had promised him. A free trip to sweden with everything covered for? Who would miss out on an oppertunity like that? He ended up losing his own money and actually missing an oppertunity to make money so he could
go to an event and help out his orgs CS:GO team. fLk eventually got reimbursed for his expenses and and he has no bad blood with the org and still works for them to this date. I just put this in here to make
everyone realise how badly we got treated at dreamhack.

After CAZ Telling us that we're not going to get a salary today, thats when we decided to leave the org. There was an insane amount of verabal agreements between the team and caz, that was the biggest
issue. They never kept their word except for the part with me getting my money back for travel.

A couple of statements from my teammates:

Smooya;"No comment"

r0m;: I believe CAZ made a big mistake in picking my team up initially, unfortunately for us I believe they realised the same thing very shortly after.
Throughout the duration of CAZ, as team captain I felt it was my job to make sure my team were in good hands.
I don't blame CAZ for any decisions they have made and I completely understand, but the lack of empathy towards the team has been disgraceful.
To put yourself in my shoes and how I felt, imagine taking a job that required time for you to be where you wanted to be at in terms of ability.
Upon the interview the company completed agreed with you and took you on as a future investement. Then from day 1 of the job, you start being told you aren't what they want and do everything within the law to force you out the door.
That's the impression I got from day one. Sending us to an event with multiple promises, and letting us down, leaving us stranded and out of pocket significantly (paying for things that were agreed
to be paid for by CAZ) being told to shut the fuck up by the owner of the team when I intervened to find out when they were giving us money to pay for things was one of the most disrespectful things
I think has ever been said to me. In another country, and financially relying on a person that is telling you to "shut the fuck up" leaves you in a very bad position. In hindsight, I've learnt a lot from this... I will never accept a verbal agreement on anything again. I believe CAZ will learn from their mistakes and improve dramatically. But I feel for whoever they pick up next if they aren't to have changed their approach to everything.

zNf; "Basically promised that we would have ful ltravel funding, money sent to the person "managing" us over the period of time and was never sent money during/before and people were told to "shut up" from the
org owner. Having to pay out of pocket for all expenses besides flight/hotel, until reimbursement due to the fact"

yNc; About 4 months ago I was told there was a formidable organisation looking for a team. An org with a desire to grow, a passion for esports but most importantly a professional attitude.
I havent been in many orgs especially not big ones, so this looked very promising. A few talks with the manager only furthered this vision I had,
I really felt like there was an opportunity for both parties to profit and prosper. Unfortunately this did not seem to be a mutual thought...
Its sad that in this day and age an org can breach its contract without a care in the world
With their chaotic approach and downright sad interaction between the team and organisation (lets not forget the unfulfilled promises).
It comes to no surprise that I no longer represent CAZ eSports.

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